jQuery Mobile Library for mobile development

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jQuery mobile library completes overall user experience

Software history is dotted with incidents of stiff competition and arguments break out among people trying to determine which of the new technologies will take over an older technology eventually. It is not very uncommon to experience such kind of a scenario and in fact in the recent times a raging debate continues in finding out if which of the mobile applications are less preferable or which of the websites are more favored.

HTML5, JavaScript or maybe HTML while in use will need a code to be written for a website that is mobile compatible. In case of such websites, the options for graphics are very limited and besides this, the kind of hardware that is used for accessing the site is not under control basically unlike the mobile applications. As far as the mobile sites are concerned the overall experience of the user will be different than in a case where the content is available in a different form as in native application in mobiles.

Preliminary version available currently has easy use of languages

In certain cases the performance of the site will also be a bit different. If in case HTML5 is supported by the mobile browser and if against the capabilities of the local storage a code is used then more bandwidth is required by the website and round trips would be needed much more frequently. A native application has to be created for each of the platform for mobile that you intend providing support which is considered the mobile apps’ downside. For making development of the mobile site productive as well as easy a library in preliminary version available currently can be introduced.

In the development of the web a few things have been changed by the jQuery library. The JavaScript as well as AJAX have been used making it an integral part of the experience on the web. While considering the service calls out of band and also the functionality of the client and server side a holistic thought is being provided to this. The jQuery library has enabled making easy use of languages due to which a large number of people have been able to get the library assimilated besides the model for programming. Parent library of jQuery as well as the jQuery Mobile are related closely which indicates that the expression of ‘chip off the old block’ has been summarized perfectly, as an affiliation between both of them.

Well adapted library to the mobile world aided with jQuery solutions

From the parent jQuery the jQuery Mobile has been inherited and has been able to get the library well adapted to the mobile development world. The jQuery library has to be referenced if in case the jQuery Mobile has to be used. It is for enabling cross browser programming, cross platform programming and cross device programming that the jQuery Mobile library seems to be purposeful. Just as in the case of the full jQuery the same programming as well as architecture is shared by the jQuery library.