Jquery plug-in review: SlideDeck

Simplicity is the key to good life and the same phrase is applicable to a website as well. The simpler it is, the easier it is for a user to navigate through the site and hence user convenience is enhanced. But, at the same time, only for the sake of simplicity, who wants to sacrifice beauty? None actually! So, how to ensure both at the same time? Answer is simple, implement jquery.

There are multiple usages of a jquery plug-in like drop-down menu, sliders etc. When it comes to sliders, plug-ins generally come up with one facility, either they slide images or the contents used in the website. But, SlideDeck is definitely an exception. It slides both at the same time, as you want it to function. But, that’s not the only advantage, SlideDeck actually offers plenty:

Optimizes content automatically

Well, with this plug-in being installed in your website, you don’t need to think about optimizing your website content anymore. Why? Because the plug-in does it automatically for you! No matter, whatever you put in the sliding boxes, that content will be optimized and eventually crawled by search engines, all by itself. Therefore, it saves you from indulging into the boring work of SEO and saves your time too.

Autoplay feature available

Whenever a visitor arrives at your site, the plug-in automatically starts the sliding magic! The best visual effect is achieved when the slider is used at the top of the website, for an instance in the header section. In the plug-in there are options with which you can switch to a different slider look from what you were using a bit earlier. You can also change the skin or optimize css of your website accordingly to give a better look to the slider as well as the website.

There is also a feature which is unlikely to be found in most of the other jquery plug-ins. It provides you with an option to slide within slide. Within one slide, some other slides can be navigated horizontally or vertically as you set the option.

Compatibility of SlideDeck

It works well with most of the web browsers like MSIE 7+, Opera 10.5+, Safari 3+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome 2+ etc. However, if you are using any version of Firefox 3 or lower, then you need to upgrade your browser before using SlideDeck as those have lack support for css transform.

Slide progression and control logic API

With SlideDeck, it is possible for you to control the usage of slide control API externally. This API is included in the JavaScript core of this plug-in. Therefore, you can customize the previous and next buttons.

At the same time, Slide control logic can enforce safety for your website. With this, you can control, which slides will be visible to the visitors and which won’t be.

The plug-in is boasted with advantages, no doubt. But, the bad part is, it’s not free. Well, good things come for a price, it’s true. But, at the same time, it may not be feasible for small business owners to pay for a jquery plug-in when there are many available for free. That being said, SlideDeck is surely a jquery plug-in that is indeed premium by the truest sense and enhances your website’s look.