JQuery – The Best Applications that you can use

JQuery is a subsidiary of JavaScript which makes the user side coding easy. Without it, most of today’s social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace can’t operate. That would mean that 68% of Today’s internet population will be reduced if you take jQuery away. That is the impact that jQuery has on us today.

So it is known that you use jQuery while browsing but most of us are unaware of its applications. Let us see the places where we use jQuery to a maximum.

Animation effects

All the animations that we use like the fading effects, sliding effects and staircase effects are because of jQuery. So, without any doubt it is used in almost all of our PowerPoint presentations. In the professional world, we all need to give presentations to our superiors to impress and convince them. And it is known that people get impressed by stylish transitions that are produced by jQuery.

Drop Down Boxes

While browsing, you might have seen drop-down menus. Instead of browsing through various pages and links, you can easily access links by simple drop down boxes. In most cases, these boxes appear in multi colors with various designs and transition styles. These boxes too are an application of jQuery.

Drag and Drop Interface

Now days, there are websites which morph your faces into various portraits. You just have to drag your photo from your computer and drop them in the portrait present in the website. How easy and cool is that? This drag and drop interface is also based on the jQuery script. It adds an innovative edge to your website and makes browsing a fun activity for your users.

Form filling made easy

The major use of jQuery is filling forms. The user gives simple input in given boxes and the information is processed instantaneously. This is one of the most used applications of jQuery as we fill applications quite often while browsing. 48% of the websites in the world have log-in forms and all of them operate through jQuery scripts. Without it, the process of form filling would be terribly time consuming and tiring for the developers as well as the users.

Major part of social networking sites

Then it is also used in almost all the Social Networks. Like we already said, 68% of the world’s Internet population is addicted to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. JQuery forms a major part in updating status messages, adding photos, animations and videos.

The well noticed advantages

•Many of the users find it very easy to use as it resembles the Graphical User Interface of Windows which made Windows Operating Systems a massive hit.

•It is a cross-browser library meaning that it could work with similar effects of all the browsers. The cross-browser option is a boon to programmers as they don’t have to change codes for different browsers.

•It contains most of the programs in its library so that the load on the server will be less.

•It contains much more features than standalone programming languages and it has a very impressive speed.