jQuery UI themes with Packt

jQuery UI themes with Packt allows enhanced feel and look of user interface

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The latest book of Packt is JQuery UI Themes Beginner’s Guide. While making this announcement Packt is delighted in introducing this new book in which by way of example the JQuery UI Theme framework is covered in detail. Developers are able to gain a proper insight on the way themes work besides providing them a practical guide for getting their own themes designed. Adam Boduch has written this book to offer step by step guidance. The guide goes a long way beyond simply explaining how themes can be switched in a user interface which is built with JQuery UI.

The feel and look of a user interface is nowadays enhanced with use of JavaScript, at least to some extent in many of the applications on the web. Besides a particular framework for applying and developing themes, a set of widgets is also given to the web developers by the JQuery UI toolkit. All web developers who want to have their web applications designed with a professional appearance are now considering the use of JQuery UI Themes Beginner’s Guide, especially those who are very resilient and bounce back with every change. The guide starts with the themes in general and the reason why these themes are important for many of the applications on the web nowadays.

ThemeRoller application for adjusting theme settings

As you read through, the basics of jQuery UI are covered in length after which a full understanding of the entire framework can be gained. One of the most powerful tools is the ThemeRoller application in which the settings of the theme can be adjusted by the developer. Internals of the CSS framework are also given an in-depth analysis which in turn allows the adjustment of themes for the reader along with the working of the ThemeRoller. Custom widget theme setting and also the special effects are included. In fact, it becomes very clear about how the themes can be used for changing a number of things.

Building web applications and theme jargon

Abstractions for theme-able widgets, animation and interactions at low levels and advanced effects built on jQuery JavaScript Library’s top is provided by the jQuery UI theme. All this helps in building a web application that is highly interactive. Using the coordinated consolidated and fully theme-able mechanisms, the ThemeRoller demonstrates all the versatile widgets of jQuery UI that can be deployed. A lot can be learnt from the top level constructs of CSS and methods of applying different kinds of styles to the user interfaces.

Based on the widgets, the feel and look of the user interface can be given a complete changeover. After the book is read by a developer, he gets well versed with the jargon of theme setting. After that, all that web developer needs to do is have just one look at the jQuery UI application and get a proper understanding of how it appears. Many diagrams, examples as well as screenshots are presented in the book for CSS designers and developers of web applications. The book is for web application developers and CSS designers who want a better understanding of how to build themes with a jQuery UI toolkit. Readers are expected to have basic working knowledge of JavaScript and why it is used in web applications.