jQuery version 1.6.4 to fix bugs from jQuery version 1.6.3

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Incorporating jQuery version 1.6.4

Just as the 1.6.2 version was able to fix some of the bugs, in the same way the release of the new version 1.6.3 too has been successful but some minor bugs just didn’t seem to go away. This week, jQuery version 1.6.4 was released to put an end to these shortcomings. Users and professionals were sure to find at least one particular change that was disappointing even though the 1.6.3 is able to fix several bugs.

For the request Animation Frame API, the support had been dropped. Animation that was smooth enough earlier and was enabled when addition for the request Animation Frame support was made after release of the 1.6 version, is no more. The reason why API was not able to carry itself forward into jQuery quite well is the fact that it did have some issues that showed up. For those still unsure, you can get your code from the jQuery CDN: http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.6.4.js.

To get links worked up by jQuery version 1.6.3

People had to wait for animation to unfold, and reported many of the difficulties they faced and then at speeds that were extremely fast the entire sequence would be run. This was then termed as the wormhole. A decision was made the team of jQuery and API was then completely dropped. Efforts are being put in to get the links worked up efficiently so that API can be accordingly re-introduced. Besides this, some fixes that are very minor have to be made. To prevent the script from being disrupted there is now a security fix.

If you’ve had an issue with the jQuery version 1.6.3, make sure you upgrade to jQuery 1.6.4, test, and file a bug if anything goes awry. Though this may need a little time to be the perfect script, feedback from users has helped the jQuery team take necessary steps.

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When a selector is preceded with a particular number, the HTML tags will not be allowed by the library of jQuery to remain in the selector. As far as this release which is so minor in the jQuery revolution is concerned, the list of fixing bugs proves to be quite long enough. Third release of jQuery for that reason was quickly followed up by the jQuery 1.6.4 release.

Now that the 1.6.4 version of jQuery has been released, it becomes the fourth rung on jQuery’s attempt to combat bugs and fixes in large numbers. Two copies have been provided out of which one is the uncompressed one which is especially used for reading and debugging, while the other one is a mini version. The highlights of the latest incorporated jQuery version 1.6.4 include XSS attack vectors fixing, no more animation ‘wormholes’ besides easy handling of data attribute names of HTML5. jQuery has added a rung to its lineup of versatile interface enhancers. Continuous feedback is being encouraged so that all issues that cropped up with the release of the jQuery 1.6.3 earlier in the month can be resolved once and for all. It should be remembered that the jQuery 1.6.4 release has less to do with major changes as it’s concentrated primarily as an upgrade that resolves bugs from the previous release.