JQuery version 1.6 boosts website speed

New JQuery version 1.6 revision to features

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JQuery now flaunts the version 1.6. This enhanced tool is rife with features that are the result of a number of integrations and revisions made to the earlier versions. The 1.6 version of JQuery adds tremendous speed to the JavaScript based web pages. Besides being able to run quicker, the web space is also upgraded and updated easily. In fact, across the globe, SEO gurus are advising clientele to update all applications with jQuery to leverage incorporated layers and performance.

This upgraded version also empowers adopted API improvements. The online resources dedicated to the JQuery empowerment and the core Developer Relations Team are completely convinced about the performance improvement the 1.6 version enables. Among the many upgrades possible on all applications are:

•    Dedicated core HTML attributes
•    Easy incorporation of HTML tagging
•    Quick incorporation of versatile JavaScript properties
•    Display of DOM or Document Object Model attributes
•    Defined page variables like image size

JQuery 1.6 to add speed to the performances of browsers

JQuery completely eliminates any chances of mixing properties. The ability to navigate selected methods adds finesse and real value to the web space being upgraded. The “.prop()” and “.removeProp()” commands offer manipulation that are Sontag noted. With these commands you will b able to add a lot of speed to the performances of browsers with regards to individual attributes and properties. It is also noted that the performance of mouse clicks is empowered with shifts in the “.data ()” method. JQuery 1.6, in addition allows you to manipulate the hyphen-delimited attributes to match strides with the upscale W3C standards.

The application also enables support for animation due to the ingrained timer that not only handles and synchronizes many animation options within one single schedule, but also supports the request-Animation-Frame within browsers. With the JQuery 1.6, animations run efficiently and very smoothly, as the browsers are empowered to repaint the palette with respect to each frame of animation. The application additionally supports changes made to CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet. It also enhances improvements addressed with regards to deferred objects.

JQuery 1.6 simplifies complex systems and applications

Attributes of the 1.6 version are many and the enrichment allowed make many complex systems and applications very simple and easy to manage. The 2006 cross-browser server based library offers any computing system a simple interface and adds a lot of value to common operations in JavaScript. Deployment empowers event management, data navigation aids and even the movement of data to and from servers. Today, JQuery JavaScript library is the most widely used Web development technology.

Development of RIA or Rich Internet Applications that are Ajax-styled is now possible via an integrated web-development environ. With the launch of JQuery 1.6, web explorers and SEO masters are already contemplating what the version 1.7 could be like! This is a one stop shop solution for upswing navigation and really versatile website designs. Menu technologies have been revamped with the JQuery 1.6 as Search engine optimization continues to attract engine crawlers consistently to the empowered sites. Add a lot of dimensions to the HTML, horizontal drop down, vertical menu and the floating and tabbed navigation applications with the 1.6 JQuery.