JQuery – What is it and how it reformed the face of World Wide Web?

Computer beginners might not be familiar with the word jQuery. Putting it in a nutshell, you can define jQuery as a cross-browser interface which combines the usage of HTML as well as JavaScript.

Definition of JQuery

If you still can’t understand it, let put you its definition in an amateurish way. When the World Wide Web began, web pages were more like books. You could read them, see their information and make the best out of them. But today, they are not just a book. They are interfaces in which the output will change based on the input that the user gives. The search option is one example for this. When you perform different searches, different outputs are obtained. So, where does jQuery fit into this whole thing?

The websites programmers develop are based on languages like HTML and JavaScript. So, this means that you are giving input in the form of a language. But you cannot expect a user to do the same. A user can give input only in the way he knows and that is simple English. There comes jQuery. It is an interface which simplifies the user side programming often referred as client-side scripting in technical terms.

JQuery and JavaScript

JQuery is based on JavaScript and it is considered as one of JavaScript’s subsidiary. It was created in mid-2006 and has been the talk of the market ever since. Most common jQuery codes are used to create drop down boxes, multiple links, drag and drop menus and validation forms which will reduce the level of input given by the user. Also, it visualizes things and that reduces the effort which has to be put in by the user. It can also be connected to various other languages like JSP, ASP in addition to JavaScript.

How will you use JQuery?

To incorporate jQuery into your site, you need to download the files from its website and upload them into the library of your website’s server. Then from there, you can embed files into your source code. This will reduce the job of creating programs for everything while writing the jQuery code into your source code.

Open Source Software

The main advantage of jQuery is that it is open source software so that everyone can access it. This is also one of the reasons why jQuery became so popular within a relatively short span of time. Everyone using jQuery has the right to edit, modify and re-use the software so it has been termed as free. You can download the software from its website and use it like you wish.

Demand of the time

Even after all the developments, jQuery is still a new language and programmers are trying to get the best out of it as we speak. Once fully developed, it surely will take the world of Internet by a storm. If you are programmer or aspiring to be one, jQuery is something which you must have in your resume. It is being said that people who have knowledge in JavaScript can easily get hold of jQuery. So, make sure you learn the mother language of jQuery, JavaScript before learning the latter one.