Launch a Business: 7 Great Services to reserve your identity

For every single site where you register, if a different username is chosen for each of them, your identity across the internet may face a crisis relating to consistency. At the same time, it may also be difficult to get the exact username you want as others may already have used that. This problem was experienced by various celebrities like BP, Megan Fox, Dalai Lama and many more when they found out their name already been surfacing all over twitter.

Another problem that you may face while registering your business for different sites is you need to manually create a separate profile for each as most of these don’t support automated sign ups. But, good news! There are services which will search for availability of a specific username for you on multiple sites and even can register you to those for a small fees. They come in quite handy if you tend to unify your business presence across the internet:

Knowem – Options are numerous

They have more than 400 sites to choose from. You may not be interested in all of them but no matter which category your business falls, be it health, design, community, news, microblogging, tech – everything will be under your grab. For $599, they will sign you up to around 300 profiles with everything like email confirmation and profile information being given. For $199, they will create your profile in 150 sites, but you have to deal with the email confirmation. They have just started domain name search feature as well. – Easily manageable

They have fewer profiles when compared to other similar services, but it’s easily manageable and you can understand the working procedure quite easily. They can also check trademark and domain name availability apart from checking the usernames. – Alteration possible

If the first username you provided is not matched, you can give two alternatives as well. They will register you to 100 sites for $129 and to 300 for $329. They will create a new mail id and within 5-7 days, you will receive confirmation from them regarding sign up. The profiles will already be populated with your images, slogan or any other message of your choice.

Namechecklist – It’s Free

They run through the popular search engines and provide you with a percentage of how many sites you can create a profile with the username provided.

Namechk – Descendent of usernamecheck

It’s quite easy to use and at the same time, you can sort the different sites by their popularity. Therefore, you will know which site is more important for your business and the one which is not. – Protect business trademark

Policing over the internet for checking whether your trademark is protected or not, may not be an easy task, but makes it convenient for you. They monitor over 500 sites and a full report and periodic checking if possible if you pay certain amount of monthly fee.

Domainr – Check the domains

It checks whether a domain name is available or not for a certain phrase (Everything from .com to .info is searched). It even gives you domain name suggestions.

These 7 are the ahead of other similar services and now it’s up to you which one you ultimately choose for your business.