LinkedIn Means Serious Business

Serious Business

For businesses today sites like LinkedIn promise business aid at a very smart cost. Explore the dynamics of LinkedIn to see how it can convert traffic into leads.

If they call themselves “World’s largest Professional Network”, they do it for a reason. They have a website sound enough to hook the serious ones and keep at bay the curious ones. Whether you are a consultant wanting to spread a word about your own services or a sales person searching for prospects LinkedIn should top your list of must-be-on social websites. You can be anyone, doing any kind of business but so long you wish to use online means to promote your product or propagate your brand, LinkedIn can prove very effective.

Some may argue LinkedIn is an add-on, which may never be missed by growing businesses. However, that is where the paradox lies. LinkedIn opens several channels of communications, which not only widen the reach but also convert potential clients into real time clients. Moreover, with the large number of Companies now looking for professionals and researching their backgrounds on the World-wide-web, having a good LinkedIn profile might provide you the edge you need to make a difference.

A Short Tutorial on Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

  1. Use LinkedIn People to break ice with people who fall out of the direct circle. Expand more by exploring second or third connection’s circles. Make friends, get them to introduce you to people you are targeting and take your businesses to them.
  2. Be part of groups that discuss what interests your customers. Learn about the trends in the market, keep yourself updated, participate in discussions and make connections in no time.
  3. If one wishes to share the on goings in your company through a blogpost, LinkedIn has provisions for that. Through LinkedIn Applications share the enriching business book currently read. LinkedIn also allows to setup simple polls to gather opinions on products or services marketed.
  4. LinkedIn like Google lets businesses do direct marketing. Whatever the size of business, create simple, effective ads that attract click-throughs.
  5. Lastly keep the profile on LinkedIn updated regularly. Download the mobile application and keep it up-to-date on the go. The whole point of being on LinkedIn is to create a wide network of professional people who might at some point or so help business grow.
  6. Apart from the above, make sure that your integration with other Social Media accounts like Twitter do not malign your credibility and candidature. Be wary of the fact that updates and communication on these additional accounts also allows the viewers to know your opinions in a better way.

Following the above steps religiously will not only allow you to gain more attention to your LinkedIn profile, but also ensure that you get all the secondary benefits like better networking, connections and an overall wider reach.