Making it to Technorati Top 100

You need to able to continuously churn out quality content, simply because content is king in today’s world.. If you write about technology, politics, design, gadgets and stuff like that your work is more difficult. There are already loads of bloggers covering these topics so your job is all the more difficult.

But if you can follow these tips then you are sure to make a mark for yourself..

  • 1) Link Effectively

You see technorati ranks blogs on the basis of incoming links your blog receives. Linking can be a tedious task considering that you need more than 3000-4000 incoming links to your blog. And this cannot be achieved in a single day, it is a continuing process. You need to link to other bloggers generously and in turn they will link to you. Just don’t overboard asking for links otherwise it can have a negative impact.

  • 2) Help the Community

There is only principle here, help the community around your blog and believe me they’ll surely reciprocate with link love. There are lots of ways you can help the community, like for example design themes, code widgets for the people to use and drop a link in the footer. This can really help, say you developed a really useful widget and at least 1500 people use it then you simply have 1500 more links.. Write Simple How-To’s, Tips and Tricks and stuff like that and believe me people will love you for it..

  • 3) Link bait your articles

Submit your articles to digg, reddit, newsvine and other social bookmarking sites where people frequent. Just imagine if you can make it to the homepage of digg. It would not only throw about thousands of visitors to your site but also increase your sites reputation greatly. Thousands of individual blogger would blog about your story and you could win a lot of links to your blog.

  • 4) Keep it Simple

If you want to make it big then write your blog’s content in simple words, have a simple but effective design and most importantly don’t clutter your blog with useless content. Many Blogs have an army of variety of icons for RSS, Bookmarking and stuff like that. Do not put ads on your blog if you are just starting up and never ever blow your own trumpet. Concentrate on the content of your blog all the time and the good things will happen sooner or later.

  • 5) Connect with your audience

This is really important for any blogger. You need to comment regularly on other blogs in your niche, comment often on your own blog and encourage others to comment. Give your audience a variety of ways to stay in touch, use feeds and highlight them effectively at the appropriate places. And do not forget to add the plain old E-Mail based subscription because it helps to connect to a wider audience.

  • 6) Bonus Tip

Maybe you were just wondering that the title said 5 tips to … , but what now! Here is a bonus tip… I think you might have realized that technorati is not all about links even though it seems to be so. Remember that linking involves a lot of hard work. The easiest way to go about would be to keep writing quality stuff and links would automatically come…

Have something else to say! Do Drop a comment here and tell me what you feel, Maybe I should hear you out!!