Massive Digital Trends in Marketing: Embracing the Future

Massive Digital Trends in Marketing: Embracing the FutureYet, even wise marketers don’t have any idea about the modifications tomorrow might bring; but it is really imperative to make them aware that their business is on a state of flux every single day. For example, to get customers marketers should increase their mobile and online presence by making it more relevant, engaging and aware of the situations in which we presently manage.

This is not a pretension of knowing the future events. But the products and decisions of Amazon, Apple, and other trendsetters will influence the life we are to live in the coming years. As we expect the future, let’s embrace these five brilliant ideas while moving ahead of the curve.

Location-based Services

A lot of consumers are just hanging around, waiting for you to catch them. Social apps contain location features that are potential goldmines of essential information about your consumers. Foursquare, Path, and are only some of the location-based services that continues to reign in the current online industry. Google Wallet is also a rising tool with its NFC or near filed technology. And while issues concerning privacy of immediate location services need an accurate solution, customers are still requiring a better perception of their daily situations and look for methods to create an easier living. If the buzzes are true that iPhone 5 is embedded with near field technology, anticipate these trends to go from innovative to mainstream.

Redefine Advertisement Formats

Despite the fact that the latest mobile and video platforms are—obviously—drawing a lot of heat, there’s still a resounding blow of their marketing spend compared to the quantity of time spent by customers there.

Don’t just splurge your bucks at these new venues. Rather than using those pre-roll video advertisements and other options especially “forced view”, resort to applying solutions that are user-generated since these respects the consumer’s interests and time. Research modern advertisement formats that will improve your brand image away from disorder. In-image ads, for example, are effective because it elegantly incorporates the messages of your brand within appropriate content.

Digital Curation that’s User-Generated

UGC covers a range of media content accessible in a range of modern communication technologies. User-generated curation is driven by content discovery applications such as Flipboard, Pulse, Foodspotting and Fancy. Content creators and marketers serve up the feeds, and customers tweak them to fit their contexts and interests, data filtering and curating customized data platforms.

These digital models can aid in making your brands related to customers and deliver the next grand opportunities for online marketers. An example of this is Pinterest. This media platform earned approval from marketers and consumers alike, and has established the effectiveness that relevance and individual curation can have for commitment.

Get Creative and Imagine New Possibilities

Everyone is thrilled about the potential of mobile, and tablets show attractive platforms or user involvement. If you have made a choice to advertise using mobile applications, use the platform’s full potential. Cross the boundaries of conventional advertising and shape new possibilities. Take the advantage of unique formats, for example of iPad and use it efficiently. As an innovative marketer, you have to think of newer strategies to attract more consumers and get the best results.

Integrated Type of Marketing

Being customer-relevant in every context enhances brand recognition and promotes engagement. Ditch the archives in your marketing strategy and concentrate on the most significant thing which is your consumer. In our present world ruled by strong interconnections, customers are not after your repository. According to studies, over 70% of consumers desire to be involved with an integrated type of marketing and only 30% are accepting that method. Google also determined that 74% of brand recall is given by consumers when the integrated strategy of advertising reaches across TV, mobile and online.

The profound advancement in today’s media and technology is changing the way we interact and refine our world. Effective marketers can be successful by establishing an engagement with the ideas that resounds most with the budding customer today.