Movie Promotion methodology experiencing a change! Thanks to social media

From self-funded and self-governing projects to star Hollywood blockbusters, movie industry has clinched social media. In history, it makes countless sense. Traditional Hollywood had star system with fan magazines but the modern Hollywood has tools like Twitter, Facebook, and mobile phones. From making reality campaigns to use social networks for building awareness, movie industry is demanding leveraging social media for connecting with fans as well as promoting its products. Let’s go through how social media has impact on movie promotion and marketing:

Crowd sourced Locations

In today’ world of multiplexes and billion dollar box office collections, it’s simple to overlook that not all films come to all theaters. The conventional marketing strategy of these films is to expand more markets through press and publicity, and word of mouth. In social media age, though, studios may use Internet for figuring out where the film actually may run and also generate interest for the same. Amongst the best instances of this policy was from Paramount’s Paranormal Activity. That film was made for only less than $15,000 and it went on to achieve in excess of $150 million at box office.

Going Viral

Because of social media, fundamentals of these campaigns may get in fact complicated but something that helps audience to get involved. For a start, Warner Bros. did lots of viral marketing together with working through location-based service like SCVNGR for promoting the film. For the Toy Story 3, Pixar and Disney went all out, making classic toy ads for Lots-o’Huggin’ Bear, amongst new characters of the film. Maybe the most inspiring as well as expansive campaign is of TRON: Legacy. Disney’s alternating reality campaign started in the July 2009 and the film released in theaters on 17th December, 2010.

Posters & Trailers Promotions

It’s used to be the fact that you must went to theater for watching the trailers of the upcoming films. Then TV shows committed for showcasing previews strike the scene. Whereas watching previews of movie online is now old-hat for over a decade, social media has transformed how the information gets uncovered to fans. Though, movie studios are still using press releases and special websites with blogs to help audiences get the latest scoop, to a greater extent, studios are using Facebook and Twitter for debuting their latest trailers.

Age of Facebook App

Facebook is an enormous avenue for brands and marketers to attach with consumers and future customers. For specially movie studios, Facebook provides a way to connect with audiences or even openly sell tickets. Disney has formed Facebook app especially for TRON: Legacy named TRONiVerse. The app yet exists; it pulls in videos, photos and posts from different social networks, showing them for interactive grid. It’s just an example of a studio making an app particularly for a film.

The Future

We look forward to see movie industry clinch social media all the more in future. If we have a look at the biggest hits for the box office for this year, we will see that most of the victorious films had sturdy social media campaigns.