New Video Editing Feature introduced by YouTube

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Video Editing Feature for YouTube users to edit videos onsite

In an attempt to keep offering new opportunities to YouTube users, the company has come out with a new feature which is sure to keep users engaged for many hours. Users not satisfied with video content on YouTube can now alter, edit, add and delete at will. YouTube has ensured that an option of editing videos and adding new content is all in the user’s hands at the click of a button.

Some exciting news is in offing for YouTube users. Wednesday saw the announcement being made of some new features being launched which will now enable YouTube users to edit videos onsite. This has caused some excitement due to the endless possibilities that this feature will offer its users. The facility which is being launched on a global basis will enable users to edit uploaded YouTube videos though the same video ID would be retained. This would enable view counts and comments to continue in the same way as will links to the videos. Users of YouTube would just need to click on Edit Video on the video page or on My Videos page to begin the editing function.

Quality Improvement and Enhanced Features for Youtube

Mr. Jason Toff, Product Manager of YouTube said that it has been noticed that many users were uploading videos onto YouTube which were not up to mark and could be improved in some way. This system of editing videos would enable some improvement in quality and content. In that sense a video uploaded by an amateur, can be refined and improved upon by another professional. Thereby improving the quality and the content depicted in it.

In a blog by Mr. John Gregg, Software Engineer at YouTube, he mentions that editing facilities are available since Wednesday and users will now be able offered a variety of options to help in improving videos. It would be possible through this technique to stabilize hand held footage, rotate videos as desired and enhance color and contrast to bring out its real effect. An even more enhances feature would be ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ option which would enable color modification with just one click. Thus giving video viewing a whole new dimension, based upon ones likes and dislikes.

Processing and saving video edits on Youtube

Together with Picnik, which was taken over by Google in 2010, YouTube is also offering options of adding filters, contrasts and cartoons to videos. Jason Toff mentioned that one can even alter audio on videos from a range of options on tracks. It was also possible to delete some video if users felt there was extra footage either at beginning or end of video.

This new concept can alter the way we view videos online and introduce a whole range of options for us to use. The effectiveness of new feature will only be proved with time. Till then one can go out there and experiment and try this new feature. Possibilities are limitless when it comes to features and techniques online. I cannot wait to try out this new feature and improve my video making skills.