Now Digg from Your Blog

I did a bit of research and found that Digg has nice little API that allows you to do this…

So I made it as a plugin for wordpress. All that you need to do is just activate the plugin and edit your posts so that they show up the digg button i.e. enter the URL in the box in the right side of Create/Edit Post. And anyone who visits that article will directly be able to digg from your site…

At present the plugin adds the add to digg option if no URL is entered. I think the API needs a little refinement so that it doesn’t open the page after a digg has been given.


Just upload the contents of the zip to your wp-content/plugins directory… Keep in mind the directory is similar to what is given below,


Once Uploaded activate the plugin and add the call to digg live in your template like this…

this will show the digg button on your site.. If you have not entered any URL in the Create Post area the area shows a digg this button for your visitors.

To style the button use the id digg_live_wrapper in your style sheet.


A Very special thanks to Yoshi in the support forums in helping me create this plugin. This plugin displays a link to both digg and my site. If you don’t want to show the links please add the following to your style sheet.

#digg_live_credits {
visibility: hidden;

All Done.. Have Fun with the plugin and tell me what you feel.. Download From Here