Old updates on the New Facebook Feature

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Relive the year that was by connecting via social graphs

There is nostalgia felt as far as the data on the largest social network in the world is concerned. A new feature has been rolled out by Facebook which is able to display the status of old updates, right from 2009. This means that all the updates that have been posted by you for around two years ago can be viewed and revisited as desired on Facebook. It was in the year 2004 that this social utility site was founded to enable people to communicate with each other quickly and in a very efficient manner.

With the introduction of this social network it is now possible to communicate with colleagues, friends, relatives, family members etc – 24×7. It is through digital mapping as well as the social graph comprising people’s connections in the real world and of course the technological learning curve that the site has now developed beyond initial scope. The environment encompassing the Facebook social network is a trusted one and it is due to this that people are able to interact with each other by signing up on a Facebook account…instantly.

Information on particular days and Updates on ‘Show More’

It is now the life-blood of millions of people all over the world. Stats reveal that in the present times more than half of the Facebook users are the ones that return time and again religiously to the site on a daily basis. Above the title ‘On This Day in 2009’ or the title ‘On This Day in 2010’ above the advertisements in the column on the right hand side in a small box, categorized info features. When a photo album is being browsed, the box featuring ‘On This Day’ is found. If you want to relocate info about any particular day then this is one of the best ways to indulge.

For taking a look at the status of more updates, all you have to do is click on the button that indicates ‘Show More’ to access the status that existed around one year or two years ago. In case those specific days witnessed multiple posts created, then you can get updates on those as well. During the years 2007 to 2009 there weren’t many users of Facebook and this is the reason why the data or status of posts made in those years is not made available to users, which certainly makes sense.

Facebook innovating to keep social media users interested

It is believed that on August 11, a test was conducted and this feature began rolling out, based on the public status of preference. In the last half of any day, this feature is noticed and extensively used. This protocol was followed by Facebook once before in the past as well, in which users were able to enjoy instant access to past photos. Whether or not this particular feature serves the purpose of users is yet to be understood clearly. However, one thing is for sure – Facebook encourages and lures users to sign onto this social network platform rather than use any other.