Packt’s jQuery 1.4 for animation

Enhanced animation Packt’s jQuery 1.4

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Packt has released jQuery 1.4 guidelines for enhanced animation. Techniques involved are explained in detail as part of the Beginner’s Guide. jQuery now adds value to creation of animation online and brings a lot of visual appeal to simple and complex web pages. Animations thus created are rife with features that are clear and crisp. Guidelines are now accessible online via step-by-step instructions and very explicit screenshots. The Beginners Guide authored by Dan Wellman is an ode to jQuery’s capability to enhance integrated animation methods.

The book also discusses in detail each of jQuery’s features that can be deployed for desired versatility and sophistication. This open source library (Javascript) is empowered to enable website developers to not only create state of the art animations and handle various online events, but also develop applications in Ajax and create some really versatile plugins. The industry is now capitalizing on SEO facilities thus unleashed and developers are able to generate real value and extremely powerful web pages for clients. This dynamic approach helps to strike a balance between web space size, ease of deployment and feature set.

Packt’s jQuery 1.4 for plugins that extend site functionality

With jQuery it is possible to create plugin codes that extend functionality of the site and page in question. These include Ajax helpers, datagrids, web services and really dynamic lists. With help of 1.4 Animation Techniques: Guide for Beginners, it is possible to self implement desired UI effects, and work around fresh development of user-triggered graphics and animation. The technology also allows you to generate full page animations with the intent of integrating user interface and various web applications flaunted by the page. In a step-by-step approach very basic and simple concepts are made clear while more advanced implementations are also introduced and made easy to understand.

jQuery API for amazing animation

The book comprises of more than 50 exclusive examples of various web page animations you could consider. It also provides detailed info on ways to simulate animation with help of non-animation jQuery methods too. This enables you to quickly understand how jQuery actually makes CSS3 more compatible, and canvas animations deployable across browsers. The guidebook helps you understand deployment of this tech via examples that make grasping core content very easy. A gradual build up of jQuery knowledge and implementation of practical experience with jQuery API helps you create some really amazing animations.

With a careful consideration of guidelines provided you get to understand how animation can bring value to your user interface and make it more interactive. You also get to follow different methods to make animation appear, or disappear. With help from the guidebook easily accessible online, it is possible to also work on fading animation, address chaining and sliding of different effects and also halt a running animation. You will be empowered to create custom animation and take your knowledge about HTML and CSS to a whole new level. This new information is of great importance when one considers integrated animation needs.