Philips Hue gets into PC light show with Razer and more

At CES , Philips announced that their Hue series will soon be working with Razer Chroma devices for a perfect gaming light show. The games themselves can, if they support this, control the lighting in the apartment. The update for Razer devices should already be there. What you need: a Hue V2 Bridge, colored Hue lamps and the Hue app. Overwatch, Quake Champions and various other games should be prepared for this, but you can also use a Sync mode for custom mood otherwise.

And with that we come to the second part of the connection of the Hue ecosystem with PCs. Because in the course of the year (second quarter), the Hue 3.0 app for Android and iOS will also be used by Windows and macOS High Sierra computers to enjoy this sync functionality. That is, the lights in your Hue household will then automatically respond to movies, music and more. Whether this is amusing in the long run or rather annoying, will have to be seen.