Best Photo Compression Software Balesio FILEMinimizerPictures – Buyers Guide and Review

Balesio has been a fast grown provider of innovative technology of storage optimization solutions and innovative data reduction company headquarter in Switzerland. Other products like FILEMinimizer PDF, FILEMinimizer Suite, FILEMinimizer Server, FILEMinimizer Office, FILEMinimizer SDK, and Balesio Screen Capturing Suite etc. are high-quality products that provide amazing results, which is evident from Balesio FILEMinimizerPictures.
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Balesio FILEMinimizerPictures is software that compresses your image files up to 98 percent without compromising on the quality and it is a free non-commercial version. A paid version is also available. It offers commercial utilization of the software with added features for incorporating with MS Office suite and pdf files.

Steps To Configure Balesio


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Steps To Compress Photo with Balesio

  • Click on Open Files


  • Browse the image you want to compress. You can also select multiple images for compression.
  • Click on Compress File


The final window will show the details like original file size, new size, and the reduction percentage achieved for the required file. The compression file will be saved automatically in the same location of the original file. The file name will be added with “File minimizer”.


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It shows amazing results on very big and small pictures. In case of small pictures like 20 to 30 KB, it is found to be capable of doing a lot of compressions but chances are it may reduce some clarityof the picture.

Users have also mentioned that results of Balesio FILEMinimizerPictures are so awesome that were not comparable with other image compressors. If you try the unpaid version, don’t forget to try upgrading to the paid version for more awesome photo compression experience.