Privacy changes related to Facebook

Direct changes to the Facebook edit profile page and tutorials needed

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As far as privacy changes are concerned a massive stance has been unveiled by Facebook. In the history of the company this kind of a change is considered a privacy overhaul…one of the biggest! Many changes have been incorporated in the tags, profiles, locations and status updates. At times the changes made seem too many and getting confused is easy.  Efforts are being made to understand the kind of changes that are being made in Facebook and the impact it can have on the privacy status of users.

With regards to the privacy settings that have been updated, tutorials will be provided to ensure that millions of Facebook users enjoy access to them. The updates are significant. Changes have been implemented by Facebook but the users need to go through the short guides provided to be able to deploy them correctly. Facebook is the largest social network on the internet which now also has the latest features for maintaining high levels of privacy. Profiles Facebook has undergone privacy changes that are major. These changes include better control. When the profile is edited, just next to the content, the visibility controls now appear.

Changes can be made to the editing page of the profile directly in case you want your closest friends to get an idea on the kind of music you like. For indicating whether a content piece is public or not, a gear icon, globe or a friend will be displayed by Facebook as part of in-line cues. This can be viewed by only a friend or if it is customized for the list of a group of friends. Another new feature to consider is ‘View Profile As’ whose location has been changed to the ‘user profiles’ top corner on the right hand side from the Privacy Settings Page.

Latest Facebook changes ensure better accessibility

It is for better accessibility that the new design has been introduced. A complete overhaul of the Privacy Page has been considered, the result of which is a page which is much simpler and cleaner. Many of the privacy settings are now integrated within the level of profile page. In the Facebook Tags many pivotal privacy changes have been made. Users are able to reject or approve a photograph, location tags or status, before all these appear finally on their profiles. Depending upon the preference of the user, the profile can be turned off or on as per Facebook tag options. Due to the feature of tag options, users can tag almost any body in a photo.


Photo tagging in the Publisher Box in Facebook


Tagging people in group shots is made simpler with the photo tagging feature. Before tags appear on the profile of the user, they must be approved by the user. Another feature added is ‘tags in the publisher box’ which allows viewing on who in the status update is being tagged. A space has been included in the Publisher Box’s left hand side. Other features newly integrated are the status updates and location, and the un-tagging feature, along with public updates, Facebook places integration, no more lock icon, no more restriction on GPS and mobile changes.