Pubg Mobile: How to Change Your Pubg Name Easily

Pubg mobile is a name that changed the way we see the smartphone gaming industry because before pubg mobile came there was not such any game that can utilize as many resources of our smartphone as pubg mobile do.

In pubg mobile when we create our ID then pubg asked us to create a username that is also known as our Pubg Game Id or Character Name.

Sometimes we choose the wrong username for our pubg character and changing that name requires a few simple steps that I am going to tell you in this article.

So let’s start.

1. Open your Pubg mobile in your smartphone.

2. On the right upper corner you will see the selected username of your pubg character that you created while creating your pubg Account.

3. Now if you already have a name changer card in your inventory then you can use that from your inventory.

4. If you don’t have a Name changer card then just go to “Shop” and select “Treasure” to buy a namer changer card.

5. Usually name changer card costs around 180 UC, so you can buy it from here.

6. Now after buying a name changer card, just simply go to your Inventory and select the last Box option.

7. Now scroll a little bit and select the pubg name change card.

8. Now click on “Use

9. Now Enter the username that you wanted to change with your current username in pubg.

10. Click on “Ok” and it will change your name.

11. Make sure that you selected a username that is available and not selected by any other Pubg Mobile user.

12. It will tell you whether the username you entered is available to select or already selected by some other user.

13. You can only change your name in pubg “Once a Day” which means one pubg name change card is usable per day.

I hope you guys now fully understand that how we can use the Rename card in pubg mobile to change our username in pubg mobile.