Razer Hyperflux Firefly / Mamba: Wireless gaming mouse with charging pad

Razer has introduced the new Hyperflux series at CES. A duo consisting of the Hyperflux Firefly (mouse pad with charging function) and Mamba (mouse). There is a similar system from Logitech with the PowerPlay and both address professional gamers. The Hyperflux set will cost $ 250 ($ 209). Not a cheap affair, but with the promise of never having to play with an empty mouse again, surely some users might be overstaffed, especially if they are fans of the neon green Razer design. The optical sensor operates at 16,000 dpi (450 inches per second and up to 50 G of acceleration). Unlike the Logitech PowerPlay, the Mamba works without a battery. Meaning, it only works with the corresponding pad. But never again cables and never again empty batteries.