Reactivating your Facebook account

Reactivating your Facebook account possible with the right approach

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Every Facebook user’s world comes crashing down when he/she finds that their account has been suddenly disabled. Once Facebook is infused in your system, it’s impossible to live without it. If you’re addicted to this site and suddenly find out that you’re unable to use it you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Don’t panic. Reactivating your Facebook account is possible with the right approach. A Facebook account being disabled is a common scenario. Several users lose their cool when they find their Facebook account has been blocked or disabled. Instead of letting anger and resentment take control, take a while to understand the reason why your account has been disabled. Facebook users complain about their accounts being disabled or blocked without reason. The truth is, an account is only blocked or disabled because of a valid reason.

Difference between an account being blocked and an account being disabled

There is a difference between an account being blocked and an account being disabled. When a Facebook account is blocked you don’t have access to certain features on the social networking site. Most times when a Facebook account is blocked, individuals can use the account to a certain extent but not avail of its features completely. This means that Facebook has prevented you from using certain features on the site for certain reasons and not disabled your account. Most times a blocked account is for a temporary time frame and resumes within a few weeks. When an account is disabled you do not have access to that account. The answer to why an account has been disabled or blocked may lie in the ‘Statements of Rights and Responsibilities’ section of Facebook.

Read this section carefully and completely. A reason why most accounts are disabled is because of violation of rules or policies. Unsuitable and explicit content posted on this social networking site is not permitted. If you have posted inappropriate photos that contain nudity, you shouldn’t be surprised if your account has been disabled. Profanity in any form is not tolerated on Facebook. If you post abusive or vulgar language on this site, you won’t receive honor and glory; your account will be disabled. If you love nudity find some other site. Nude photos are strictly prohibited on this site. If you’ve posted nude pictures expect your account to be disabled. Several times devious pranks lead to users accounts being disabled by Facebook. Individuals that hack Facebook accounts may post inappropriate content thereby leading your account to be disabled.

Email Facebook to request reactivation of your account

If it’s a personal Facebook account, do not fill the “My personal Profile was Disabled Form”. Instead email the site directly at [email protected]. Be honest and sincere about what you say and the words you use. It’s understood you’re angry about your account being disabled, but using threatening or abusive language is not the solution to get back your account. Do not use a harsh tone when you are trying to convey the message. Furnish complete and accurate details such as:

•    Full Name
•    Login email id
•    Date of birth

Provide additional information you feel is important in context with the disabled account. Most individuals get frustrated when they do not get a reply immediately and resort to using abusive language in their next email. Avoid such a scenario.

Sometimes individuals receive an email from Facebook stating their account has been reactivated. If you receive such mail thank your stars and consider yourself lucky. If you receive a polite mail stating the account cannot be reactivated and the decision is final, do not shower exquisite abuses in your response. Do not beg for mercy. Exercise your opinion in the right and appropriate manner. Address your response mail to a person because you will be directly contacting the individual that is handling your case. You can do this because a mail that informs you of the reason for not being able to reactivate an account is not an auto responder, it’s a mail set by a real person.

The name of the correspondent will be mentioned in the mail. Address your mail to the person mentioned in the mail. Choose your words wisely. Do not respond in anger to the mail that states reactivation is not possible. Even if you’re not at fault explain things in a calm manner and in new in new perspective. Thoughtful words strike the right chord and evoke a change of heart. You will be surprised, miracles do happen. In a few weeks you will receive a mail stating your account has been reactivated.