How to Remove or Uninstall Avast Safezone Browser from your PC

You must have heard about the famous “Avast Anti Virus” software. Sometimes it comes by default in your computer along with windows and sometimes you have to download it online. If you download it online, chances are you might also end up installing Avast Safezone Browser as part of the whole download file. It is one of the components that’s gets added to your computer as part of the package. There is only one way to avoid it or skip it and that is if you choose the customize option in the installer and then manually select the modules you want installed on your PC.

At first you don’t notice it but once the installation is completed, you will observe an Avast Safezone Browser icon on your desktop and you will be like; what? Users observed this immediately and reported this to the internet. That is why you must have seen a lot of people asking on the internet; “How to remove or Uninstall Avast Safezone browser?”

As per Avast team, this browser has been specifically designed keeping in mind the safety and privacy of user information as well as safer browsing. They claim that this browser is the safest browser as of yet with built in safety and privacy features. It also includes ad blocking and filters that block suspicious pages and websites.

Today we are here to answer your question; “How to remove or uninstall Avast Safezone Browser from your PC?” However this blog also offers an additional tutorial on how to avoid installing this browser all together when you are downloading the antivirus. Read along and get enlightened.

Block the installation of Avast SafeZone Browser

To block the installation of the web browser while you are installing Avast Antivirus on a machine, do the following:

  1. When the first setup page appears, hit the customize button right away. You find it below the big orange install button on the page.
  2. The next page displays all the additional components that Avast will install on the computer.
  3. Locate the Avast SafeZone Browser entry and uncheck it.
  4. While you are at it, uncheck any component that you don’t require, e.g. SecureLine or Mail Shield.

Remove Avast SafeZone Browser

If the web browser is already installed on the system, then you can remove it from the Windows PC in the following way:

Step 1: Hit Windows-Pause to open the Control Panel of the operating system.

Step 2: Select “Control Panel Home”, and on the screen that opens “uninstall a program”.

Step 3: Right-click on Avast Free Antivirus (your version may have a different name), and select the change option from the context menu. Alternatively, left-click on the Avast entry and pick change from the menu at the top.

Step 4: On the page that opens, select change again. You find it listed next to update and repair.

Step 5: Locate SafeZone Browser and uncheck the box next to it. Do the same for any of the other components that you may not require. All components will be removed from the PC if they are installed. Click on change afterwards to start the removal process. You will receive a “the product was updated successfully” message afterwards.

A restart of the computer may be required to complete the process.