Research on student chatting and RSVP on Facebook

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Studies on specific behaviors related to reactions on Facebook

A debate currently exists on whether education is being positively or negatively affected by social media. An extensive study is also being done on Facebook with respect to chatting habits amongst students as well as positive chatting patterns amongst students. A number of suggestions continue to be made and also get published in different journals and magazines. However, suggestions made are emphasize that the effect of social media on a person will depend entirely on how a particular person uses that media.

A number of surveys are being conducted on students in understanding behavior of students using Facebook, kind of comments made as part of content, photograph posting methods on Facebook, playing of games besides the number of hours spent by students on studying, everything is being watched. Studies indicated that in certain cases that were seen, some of the behaviors were specific as predictors that were stronger of academic outcomes. When students get engaged in particular Facebook activities, features that are critical and are of quality is the way they react to their walls.

Assessment of two critical Facebook features and institutions role in educating students

The first feature represents the effort as well as time put in by students in studies while the other feature indicates time spent on activities that prove purposeful educationally. As far as representation of the second feature is considered, it is how schools and colleges get their resources deployed and get the curriculum organized. Besides, many other opportunities for learning are created, and in turn encourage students to participate in different kinds of activities which are linked to learning amongst students.

Agencies are conducting surveys on students and every year they collect information from various universities and colleges about participation in various activities and programs provided by the institutions themselves for the sake of personal development, as well as, learning. These results have been able to provide an estimate on how time was spent by students and the benefits. For instance, playing games on Facebook was correlated to scores that were low as per student engagement surveys that measured activities in classroom and campus.

Correlation of chatting on Facebook and your teen’s scores

When the very same assessment was done, it was surveyed that RSVPing on various events on Facebook and higher scores were correlated. Between the time spent on studying and time spent of chatting on Facebook a correlation that was negative has been found in the survey. However, as per the study no relationship has been found between the time spent on studying academics and the time spent in general on Facebook.

The correlation should be fairly easy to understand considering that chatting has eaten into many a worker’s productive time, and bantering online would very well compromise study period. RSVP is a much less time consuming activity and upholds your viewpoint with a yes or no rather than chatting up with others regarding the event in question. It has also been learnt that challenges of studying can’t be solved by banning students from chatting on Facebook.