Rev Up your Business Image with Facebook Timeline

Facebook creates a worldwide buzz as it rolls out in the new Timeline feature, in full implementation 30th day of March, to be specific. It’s a fresher touch for all active company and business pages. If you’re one of those million folks who own a Facebook page, you should definitely be updated and create improvements for your page to match the fresh new layout or design. The method includes putting up a cover photo, going through old posts, looking at the photo size in your profile and showcasing important ones- or perhaps hiding the unimportant items.  You can also go over your settings and page details.

If you are generating a new page, it will be set up automatically on Timeline.

Listed below are the actions you’ll have to follow:

1. Simply log into Facebook and search

2. Select the page that you opt to create. Let’s say you intend to build a “Company” for “My Gadget Company”.

3.  Follow the steps for the first set-up. Included in this task is adding your profile photo, entering your “About” info and placing your web address for the Facebook page. If you like, you may skip these actions and go back later on.

4. Next to that, you will get right to the admin section or panel on your page. You’ll require a few more actions to finish the set-up. This step can be done or skipped right after. It is a good idea to completely set up your page before you make invites to like your Facebook page.

5. To design your Timeline into something visually attractive, include a cover photo similar to the example found below. This is a great technique of conveying the personalization and identity of your business enterprise.

6. Under the drop down menu ‘manage’, you click the ‘edit’ option in the top right part. On this section you’ll find the options for changing the adjustments of your page. This consists of your page name, username, description, address, the other admins to handle your page, etc. You may also set your page as hidden or ‘unpublished’ right up until you are prepared to launch it in public.

7. To develop your page, you can click on the ‘Resources’ that will provide you with practical options. You can also hook up your Facebook page to your Twitter account.

8. At here, you can continue and insert written content to your page. Include a number of preliminary posts before you decide to kick off your page so that the people can view something when they check out.  |Initial perceptions really matter! For you to emphasize the posts which you think useful, click on the star.

9. In account of your business page, it’s also possible to ‘like’ various other pages. Consider adding some applications. As firmly suggested, you could add a number of photos to make your page vibrant and alive.

10. From this level, you can connect your new Facebook to Hootsuite as well as other managing tools and include this latest platform into your social media marketing campaign.

All the best and Enjoy Facebook Timeline!