SEO : Top Ten Costly Mistakes

Even today, when I see articles about SEO and other topics which interests me, I read them thoroughly, if not I just scan through to get new information and ideas.

SEO is a very popular topic, especially to webmasters. Many webmaster hires professional in SEO to achieve high rankings! Well honestly speaking, this is nothing but a waste because SEO is not something for which you need a PhD or Degree! There is no course in Bachelors in Search Engine Optimization as yet! SEO is something that you can do yourself, provided you have enough time and patience.

Here are my top ten SEO mistakes to avoid

Mistake No.1: Improper Planning

This is not totally related with SEO, but I think this is very important. If you don’t know who our market is, and what they want then I guess your ranking is not going to help. Yes, they will probably give you some visitors on your site, eat up your bandwidth, and raise your cost. But your traffic won’t be converted in revenue.

Mistake No. 2: Too much Graphics and less Text is bad

If your website is too much graphics intensive then it won’t be loved by the search engines, as till now search engines cannot process graphics to get the meaning out of it. However you can use the tag which can be read by the search engine and also by the users who cannot view your image.

Mistake No. 3: Not changing the Meta Tags and Title Tags

The title tag is very important when it comes to SEO. So change it on every page of your website, same goes for your Meta tag.

Mistake No. 4: Good use of and tags

Certain html tags (the ones mentioned on the title) have higher presidency than other html tags. So make sure you have good content inside these tags. For example, highlight your keywords using bold .

Mistake No.5: excessive use of

Content inside iframe tag are usually not read by search engines. So make sure you use the NOFRAMES tag to give it some context.

Mistake No. 6: Tweaking your site for only your preferred search engine

There are billions of users using the internet; just because you use Google won’t mean that all the internet users are using Google for their searching needs. So don’t forget about the other giants (Yahoo & MSN).

Mistake No.7: A Site without a Sitemap

Sitemaps are not often used by visitors in most web sites, but they are very important to indexing crawlers and search engine ranking of new pages.

Mistake No. 8: Relying too much on Keyword Density

This is a very commonly used technique by the spammers. Don’t increase your keyword density to such an extent that the search engine starts disliking you! Instead, stay on-topic and fit in
your keyword terms. How often do you use them? If you read your copy aloud, and it sounds odd, you’ve overdone it.

Mistake No.9: Not enough Links

Links are perhaps the most important element in SEO. If you can get some links from high ranked sites they its fairly easy to get to the top.

Mistake No. 10: Not enough content / Irrelevant content

If your page doesn’t have enough unique content and most of them are irrelevant then you are not doing any good to your site. Copy and pasting from other websites won’t really help. If it could, then every hour we would have copied the news from CNN and posted it on our site. In SEO, you will need fresh and unique content.

Well these were the costly mistakes of SEO.. better avoid them and start building a better and more accessible website..