Sharing a blog through multiple social media options

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Multiple social media channels help create a bigger impact

The world today is dependent on social media channels because most online publicity is free and it doesn’t cost anything to get your message across most times. It’s a different thing if you wish to pay Facebook for an online advertising plan wherein Facebook will use your basic requirement data, and their algorithms to showcase you advert on specific account holders pages. For others, a free group or page on Facebook does the trick. Though Facebook may be a leading social media choice, it’s not the only one, and one may want to take into consideration that not everyone likes to socialize on Facebook.

In such a scenario, what happens to a reader who likes your write up, and may want to pass it on? Using the ShareThis widget on your blog answers a lot of questions. Not only does ShareThis give you a fair idea of which social media channels were used to share your blog on a particular day, it gives you a report of real time sharing trends. As such, if you can understand the trend, you can follow up, and make it count by getting interactive. The charm of ShareThis is that not only will it let you share articles on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google buzz, it will let readers share an article to other blogs, and even as your Live chat status.

Facebook may have it all but there are other players too

Such freedom allows more people the flexibility of sharing an article on blog space rather than limit you to success bestowed upon by Facebook. The neat looking widget can be placed on top of your blog and once readers are done, they can share it on the platform they use most. This exchange of links in most cases points to the fact that the majority of shares took place on Facebook, but you’ll be astounded to see the overall share statistics, which point to the fact that links do get shared through multiple channels and one may not only have to be dependent on Facebook.

At the end of the day this sharing of links may finally find its way to Facebook despite having started elsewhere. It’s important to also remember that not everyone can be active on Facebook during their online hours because many work spaces have actually blocked Facebook access simply because it distracts staff. As such, if you limit blog sharing to Facebook, you would actually lose out to a larger audience. Allowing them to share it to another channel will help boost sharing activity at all times.

Social media marketing can be tweaked to your blog’s advantage

Marketing an article online requires you to allow utmost flexibility because it’ll always be difficult to compete with bloggers who already are respected or with products that have wooed the world. As such, if Steve Jobs has something to say today, it’ll be amongst the most popular trends of the day but that doesn’t mean you have to get lost in the online world. However furthering discussing what Steve Job’s has to say on a particular day never did any harm, so, be open to following daily social media trends to your advantage if you wish to be noticed often.