Simple Guidelines before Running a Facebook Promotion

Simple Guidelines before Running a Facebook Promotion

Promotion specialists reveal that a small business holder should always quality time in creating concepts, crafting strategy and inspiring value-based information. It is vital to think and reflect on your efforts of promotion from the beginning to the end, and giving it the best opportunity at attaining social success. But despite this simplicity, still there are promotions which fail because they lack a wise plan in place. So, you have to embrace the following questions to before you take the first step of your promotional drive:

-What are you trying to accomplish?

-How do you plan to achieve it?

Primarily, you need a specific objective—is it growing the number of your fans, product sampling, data compilation or usage? Noted specialists said that in order to achieve your goals, you have to consider these three aspects: price discounts, added value and merchandising. Another set of common techniques would be product samples, sweepstakes, coupons, contests, downloads.

Once these things are mentioned, you can now decide on what type of Facebook app you will need. Remember that there are a lot of promotions rules established by Facebook that business proprietors may not know yet. A common violation is employing Facebook functionality as an entry mechanism or promotion registration.

Liking a Facebook page cannot enter you automatically in a contest or sweepstakes. You should not condition access or registration upon the customer making any action applying any Facebook functionality or features other than liking a particular page, connecting to your application, or checking in to a Place. If ever you are uncertain about the compliance of your promotion with Facebook policies, you can use an approved promo application of Facebook.


Are Facebook Contests Applicable for Everyone?

To inspire action—this is the ultimate purpose of driving a Facebook promotion. It’s not wasting away your precious page traffic. But for you to motivate shares, likes and involvement, you will need to provide first a significant experience or serve up something valuable. As to planning the reward, keep focused on your audience. Owners of small business do not necessarily require money, cars, and all-expense trips to attract consumers into your promotion. Instead, concentrate on what is beneficial to your customers—entertaining and informative content. The most popular suggestions are digital products, group discounts, coupons, VIP invitations, samples and video previews.


What to Avoid When Making a Promotion

Simplicity is the key, remember this always. The access to the promotion should be as easy as possible. It’s like the more you loops you let them jump through for giving them an opportunity of winning a reward, the less they will likely to engage—or inform their colleagues about it. Another thing is not to depend exclusively on the fans you already hold to pull new consumers to your campaign. The most effectively-built Facebook promotions can still be unsuccessful without the support of other traffic generators. It is improbable that despite the millions of Facebook users, they will stumble onto your Page unless specific directions are given along with user-friendly navigation at the time they spotted you.

Aside from Facebook ads, think of more marketing points that can produce more buzz about product promotion. For instance, if you are selling a service or product outside the online community, you could print on your paper receipts a Facebook-only offer to entice more fans. If your shop is online, include a persuasive call-to-action on your packages, inviting consumers to connect with you in Facebook to uncover special deals.

Never assume that your existing customers are already following you on Facebook. As a matter of fact, majority of them don’t have any idea where to follow you. Finally, remember that your promotion itself is not the end result. There is a final goal after it. As mentioned previously, your first goal is enable a visitor to take the action of appreciating your FB page by liking or sharing it. And the ultimate is to keep them returning to your page and establish an interaction with your product or enterprise on a standard basis.