How to Skip Surveys to Effortlessly Download Files

Many people find it troublesome to fill in surveys when downloading some files. To make the process of downloading a lot easier, there is a method to bypass download surveys to download files from sharing sites. The method mentioned in this article is quite easy and great and requires less effort to get it done. Read below to know how to skip surveys on downloads.
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Bypass Surveys to Easily Download Files on Different Browsers

Here you will find how to disable the JavaScript of different browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. When you have disabled the JavaScript, don’t forget to refresh the site to bypass survey and download your favorite and most desired files.

Steps to Disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to the Tools tab and click on it
  • By clicking, a dropdown menu will appear with Options, click on it
  • A pop up will appear, click on Content
  • Untick the Enable JavaScript option
  • Click OK and refresh the website.

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Steps to Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome

  • Click on the three dotted button at the right corner of Google Chrome
  • Click on Setting
  • Type JavaScript in the search box appearing on the browser
  • Content setting will appear
  • Select Do not run any site in JavaScript
  • Save the option and refresh the page.

Steps to Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Tools tab appearing on the browser
  • Click on Internet Options
  • A pop up will appear, click on the Security tab
  • Click on Custom Level
  • Scroll down and disable the JavaScript options
  • Save it and refresh the site.

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These are the easiest and effortless ways to disable JavaScript on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer to skip surveys and make downloading files easier. Use these steps and make yours easier as well.