SMS and Mobile: The Future of Business and Marketing

The conventional use of TV and newspaper advertising is missing out. It’s becoming obvious that advertising money is being directed to internet, social media and mobile marketing campaigns. But with just around 3 million mobile websites, it is apparent not all companies have resorted to mobile systems as would have been projected. They definitely need to discover as fast as possible. Here are the main reasons…

Massive mobile approval rates: 

There is a significant increase in the use of mobile systems worldwide. Given estimate calculations place the figures at 5.8 billion headsets by year 2013. Some countries like UAE have already held more than a hundred percent rate of access. Meanwhile, the United States is getting closer to that high point.

Additionally, more smart phones are entering into the market and the public is going mad about them. Nielsen reveals in its research that US mobile users have passed the 30 percent rate in the last three years with the use of sophisticated phones. Surely, that study conducted by the NY-based firm has soared up to a higher rate this year. This is giving us an indication that we can no longer ignore mobile. The increase of smart phones also speaks that a business enterprise should have a mobile website which allows easy reading and tracking for your store.

Mobile is more appealing:

The need to remain connected has become a supreme strategy for survival. This is particularly befitting with the younger generation who are tech-savvy. As a matter of fact, studies reveal that a usual mobile user has his cell phone close to hand all the time. Aside from that, people instantly read their received messages in just a matter of four minutes.

A text or SMS is possibly the only mode of communication that any person can use to contact someone even if they don’t see each other face-to-face. Not like newspaper or television advertisements, the effectiveness of text message is far much advanced. In fact, there has been a record of as high as 98 percent of SMS open rates.

Mobile is based on location:

Businesses in the locality are far more benefited as they use mobile marketing. Compared to any other type of advertising, small or big companies can easily project the results of their efforts. Mobile campaign is cheaper and can cut down high cost of print ads and transportation expenses. It’s really a practical strategy that any clever business owner cannot disregard.