Social Media – 5 brands that utilize it perfectly

If top brands wanted to attract customers, they used to promote their product by hosting advertisements on Mass Media like Television and Newspaper. But today, no one has the time to watch TV or read Newspaper. But the one thing which everyone does is Social Networking.

Realizing this, many brands have come up with latest strategies to intrigue their customers through Social Media. The top 5 brands in Social Media are:

Starbucks – all over the internet

Starbucks is a chain of coffee shops based on the United States. Quite literally, you can find a Starbucks shop anywhere you go and that is exactly what is happening in the Internet today. Starbucks are featured in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other Social Networks.

They even have their very own network called as the My Starbucks Ideas where you can post your thoughts about improving the company and interact with fellow Starbucks lovers. The company’s page has been liked over 15 million times in Facebook and it has more than 1 million followers in Twitter.

Coca Cola – huge followers

Coca Cola is one of the brands which are known to all the people across the globe. In spite of that they are still behind Starbucks in this race. Just like Starbucks, they have millions of followers in Facebook and Twitter and they innovate a lot.

They recently conducted a poll in their Facebook page called as the “Live Positively” in which people voted for different parks around America and the park with the most number of votes got a $100,000 grant from the company.

Oreo – limited to Facebook and YouTube

Ah, the sinfully delicious cookies from Oreo are something which one can’t resist. Nobody can eat just one cookie from a box! Quite interestingly, their Social Media strategy has been limited to Facebook and they haven’t explored other networks like Coca Cola and Starbucks.

Their Facebook page contains recipes for new cookies, fan photos and other games. They also have a YouTube channel which contains making of commercials, interviews with famous personalities and others.

Skittles – vivid online presence

The hard core sweet lovers can’t pass a day without eating Skittles and this company too has a vivid online presence. They have their own website in which users can post their photos and experiences while using skittles.

Their “Mob the Rainbow” is gaining large number of attention these days. It is usually a mob reaction where many people participate to send their love to someone who doesn’t get them naturally. Over 45,000 postcards were sent to a parking officer on Valentine’s Day and this mob is growing in number!

Red Bull – energizing itself through social media

You associate Red Bull with energy and that is the company’s theme on Social Media. Their Facebook page has more than 10 million likes.

Last year, they hid energy stashes over the country and posted hints on Facebook to their locations. This gained great support. Now, they have hid autographed baseballs in chosen locations and are conducting a similar contest.