Social Media a powerful tool to spread popular trends

Are you talking about the big event of the day

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When getting online, you may have the most powerful thought in mind but sometimes even the best gets lost. A personal thought will only result in a few likes from friends, and an occasional retweet. However, the minute you talk about what’s the norm or trend of the moment, it garners the reputation of important news and would quite literally spread like wildfire. The power of social media is such that if you feed the frenzy, you’ll find a million who’ll carry forward your message on a good day. As such, It’s all about the big event of the day.

Who determines the big social trend of the day

Let’s take for instance the day of 2nd May 2011 across all time zones. It has to be kept in mind that I the early hours while some people were waking up to a Monday morning, others were enjoying a Sunday night. Around this time line, Came the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death in the hands of the US army. The message spread across timezones, and struck a chord with many especially since he was waned for crimes against humanity. In that one moment nobody argued the right or wrong war but expressed joy at the death of the terror mastermind. For most this was the big news. Everyone wanted to say something.

Now, for the largely Christian populace, the big news of the moment was the beatification of Pontiff John Paul II on 1st May, 2011. Despite its significance, it appears Osama made the headlines on the day. So, now came a new development. The next round of tweets and Facebook updates found a way to link both. So, most messages after a point looked like this. Osama’s death is a miracle and God bless Pope John Paul II. Now of course believers will find a link in this but for those who weren’t following the Pope’s beatification suddenly the death of Osama seemed to make sense. It was a big sign.

Social media channels can be more powerful than SEO techniques

Social media channels have the power to tip over to a certain judgment or sentiment all at once depending on how many people who’re online at the moment find meaning in what you have to say. Analysis of real time sharing trends gives us an insight of what’s being shared at break neck speed across web space.  A lot of times, the trend is modified time and again within a short time because someone may not like your description to a link and may choose to write up a more befitting description and bypass what you have to say altogether though they agree with what you have to share.

Coming back to the important timeline, 1st May 2011 also marked the end of the New York Auto Show for the year. This in itself is a huge event that sees millions of visitors, and forms the platform for newer car concepts, and automobile business that runs into billions. So, Sunday night should have seen a lot of auto info doing the rounds but all of a sudden it was buried. As such, though many people can sit and plan elaborate SEO strategies sometimes talking about the big event of the day will get you more response than you could ever have asked for through social media channels, so it’s important to be attuned to social media trends.