Social media aide for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Social media: Major area of concern – safety of the public

Decisions made by agencies of the national government, city and state authorities too can be well informed and faster with the use of analytics and social media monitoring. Some of the decisions made can be predictive in nature; for example gauging sentiments of the general public regarding royal weddings, parades or any other events which are basically public events held with much ado. Some of the best decisions can be made if proper tools and the right processes are in place.

Action that is responsive in nature will be desired in cases of natural disasters like bombing, shelling, earthquakes, shootouts and tornadoes. The value of participation of social media and monitoring is being looked at by the law enforcement and many other agencies where the major area of concern is safety of the public. When a crisis unfolds, a number of issues that are complex in nature like effectiveness real time, and intrusion of privacy become major concerns. Retrieval of data from social networks is being made publicly available by agencies for improvising on services provided to citizens.

Cost savings and deployment of resources with social media

Social media can be effectively used in certain cases which call for savings of cost and deployment of resources in a better manner. So as to gain better control of events that keep unfolding from time to time, efforts are being made worldwide by all the governments. In many cases, channels of social media are also being shut down. In many countries civil unrest continues, especially on the complexity of social media network monitoring and conversations. The end-use of the gathered information is being closely scrutinized.

Dealing with issues related to social media and going through proper legal channels

One of the questions under consideration is whether individual rights by the monitoring social media are being violated by the agencies of law enforcement and the government. As per some of the lawyers dealing with issues related to social media, everything that is posted online publicly does have reviewing potential by those readers who are not the intended readers. This can include the departments of police and the government. As far as posting on a profile on Google+, Facebook Page or a Twitter account goes, if at all something is posted the right to privacy is given up instantly, especially with regards to the content.

Any person who has internet accessibility is able to view the content you blog or tweet over the internet. When monitoring or accessing information on a social medial account that is private in nature is needed by the government, parallel runs the need for individual privacy and some protection. For obtaining access to sensitive info, it is very necessary for the government too to go through legal channels that are ethical. As per certain amendments made in the constitution, certain seizure and searches that are unreasonable are guarded via litigation. It is vital for public around the world to be aware of their rights on the World Wide Web.