Social media and online games to prepare our teens for tomorrow

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Social media channels can be used for personal growth

Social media is viewed upon with great interest the world over because of its potential, and dynamic nature, wherein, it could skyrocket a certain issue in less than no time. The world is tuned into social media channels, and this popular trend can in fact actually benefit those who sign in. On a broader spectrum, the advantages of online activity can be tapped into. As such, online games, and social media channels which are already popular pastimes, and do away with boredom can easily be used to impart knowledge.

Not everything needed for life on the outside is part of every school curriculum, and this is where social media and online games can be used to bridge the gap, and impart knowledge. This may include the need t look into aspects like teamwork, leadership, time management, and creative problem solving. Such skills will in turn ready youngsters, adolescents, and teens to prepare for college, and in general world on the outside. It brings us back the need for exploring more and readying youngsters to face the world rather than simply be dependent on bookish knowledge that leaves many clueless when placed in a new environment.

The transition from a structured classroom environment to that of a busy college life isn’t easy to fit into, and preparing our kids with certain skills would certainly make the shift a lot easier, and less taxing. It’s not to be mistaken that playing games alone can help kids prepare for the outside world, but the idea is to understand how teens approach certain games that place them in unfamiliar territory. The psychology behind the decisions they take in solving a problem or moving to the next level of a game is what holds the key to help them cope outside, and once this is understood, it can be used to better their chances in the real world.

Power of status updates on social media

The need to update a status message today is very real, and when teens find their friends involved, and a flurry of comments, this becomes a bigger realty. This positive environment can be used in regards to academic goals too. These closed networks help youngsters reach out, and empowers them to o better or solve any niggling problem, so, it could be used to pursue academic goals, and step up simply by reaching out, a little appreciation, peer participation, and on a basic level getting out of the closet if educational goals are haunting a youngster.

Learning for life through strategy games and logical reference

Games may seem very fancy with the brilliant designs and characters that enjoy screen space, but at the onset it’s a very mathematical problem that’s’ been converted to make something archaic very interesting. Whether its strategy, team work or time management, games can teach a lot, and even winning and losing can help one be more motivated simply because everyone wants to be atop the leadership board. Games that require logic, reference, and skill can keep students interested long enough to actually look for solutions.