Social Media and Politics – Do it yourself

In modern days, politicians are brands. Like their equivalents in private sector, we’ve seen a few pretty interesting things in case of using social media on movement track. Even with the recent US mid-term elections, you can see many of the politicians using social networking as a weapon to communicate with their voters.

The Revolution May Not Be Broadcasted, Maybe Tweeted

According to Matt Lira, who is director of Republican Whip Eric Cantor media, this medium is a message, just like television, social web will drastically revise who is elect able. The social web is truly becoming main place for people where they spend time and discuss the issues regarding what matters to them.

New Grassroots

Like a lot of businesses and publishers, relations of political media are deep-rooted in “one-way declaration or press release statement” style. Today’s campaigns provide a quick look about how political activism might appear after a few years. Because social media trust keeps on shifting away from organizations towards individuals, a social & political campaign may spread out its message and produce the results which successful marketers are achieving from the web for quite some time now.

Socially Associated Legislation

Social media should be fully integrated into daily operation of United States Congress, many politicians actually believe so. For an example, Lira mentions a digital democracy trial led by House Republicans named YouCut, which is a social media hub. Participants can recommend as well as vote about which government programs should be excluded from federal budget.

Lira added that in excess of 2 million votes are given on YouCut website until now. Every week in the House session, the item which receives most votes is brought in for the debate.  The full records of voting are also available online for general public.

There is another connected legislation during recent campaign through Enough Project. This organization pushed for rule on U.S. import of variance minerals like tin, tantalum and tungsten which are normally used in electronics from eastern Congo, in which the mining is going on for these important materials. 10 members from House Foreign Affairs Committee were taken under fire by Enough Project as well as their supporters.

Hands-On Candidates

To win by the side of social media, you’ve to maintain it personal. Social media is an element of larger communications picture. Politicians as well as candidates delegate press releases drafting to staff. They delegate speeches to the staff. They delegate drafting policy positions and fundraising asks to their staff. Serious politicians can also delegate some social media staff as well.

The Takeaway

In a lot of sectors, it’s expected that the political scenery will be completely different in very few years, mainly because of social media’s persistent influence over our ideas regarding culture, celebrity, public and business discourse. The day is indeed coming very fast when you can’t win the election without a good quality social media campaign. Once a politician builds legitimate connections through voters region, authentically connect with them, they may get the support in a vote.