Social media comments for blog success

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Use social media for comments on your blog

In most cases, those who read a successful blog may have something to say, and even if that isn’t a full-fledged argument, but a simple thank you, as a blog owner it becomes your responsibility that readers are able to comment conveniently. Expecting them to furnish details, especially when it says an email address is necessary but will not be used. Today, people don’t really have too much time, and believe these problems have been eliminated to keep up with fast moving social media changes.

A comment system that requires an email address, and allows you to list your website address is great to sit owners who’re looking to promote their website. However, this system isn’t convenient for those who’ve come across your website or blog through Facebook. Most times, those on FB, would skim through their wall, and any write up that’s’ being shared by a friend, or has already garnered a few likes automatically tweaks this interest. Using a Disqus based comment system makes the process very convenient. This will allow readers to comment or like the article using their Facebook or Twitter identity, the more commonly used social media options. It eliminates the need for users to have to sign up independently, and that’s a boost for your blog or website because you would quite automatically receive more feedback or appreciation than otherwise.

Use Facebook to your advantage because it’s free and powerful

It is always better to have readers say something about your blog or website on your blog comment page rather than readers carry out conversations on their Facebook walls. As such, Facebook is a great social media channel that can help catapult your blog to web space success but you don’t want someone’s wall to steal your thunder. Installing a DisQus based comment system is easy and works well for those who simply want to leave a comment and have no ulterior motive, in this case, listing a link.

Enabling comments through Facebook via varied plugins

If you don’t wish to use Disqus, you can simply opt for a plugin that allows comments through Facebook. This is even easier for the reader. Just below the article will be a prompt that says leave a comment, and what readers will see is little rectangular space where they can leave a comment through their Facebook account. This again is a very powerful way of using a free social media channel like Facebook to your advantage. Commenter’s can leave a quick comment that helps add proof to the level of activity on a certain blog, and furthermore, they can always share or like your article, and this little act automatically shows up in their wall activity.

It goes without saying that almost all blogs today will have a Facebook plugin installed but not all of them are clearly visible, or make an impact. Make your blog interactive so that some of that activity on Facebook rubs off on your blog, and helps get noticed in the cyber world. The power of social media is such that you need not really make too much of an effort but simply enabling the system will help add to your blog success.


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