Social Media in a nutshell: Don’t hire an expert, do it!

The word social media brings different thoughts to different people. But if you are a businessman, it should bring free marketing to your mind. But spending money for the sake of social marketing is like painting your neighbor’s wall. There are lots of easy ways using which you can market your own product on the internet. So why pay some guy to do it?

What social media is?

First of all, let us do a Social Media 101 class for the people who have no idea about it. The word Media means some kind of advertisement to attract people in. The word Social means a group of people who are united in a place, here the Internet. So Social Media can be defined as the communication or publication of a data within a group of people.

Social media campaigns

You need a mission for your Social Media campaign if you want your product to reach the correct set of people. If you have an NGO, your mission should be to protect the environment. If you own a restaurant, your mission should be focused to make people eat healthy. Even if you don’t have a proper mission, you should have a proper statement. Now, you need to propagate that through various carriers of Social Media – Blog, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

When the Internet world first developed, websites were found. If you allow a teenager of today to access those websites, he will get tired and sick of them. It is probably because those first generation websites were one dimensional. They were like a book which you read. But Social Media has enabled the readers to engage in the news given. They can question your work, ask doubts and appreciate your work if they want to. That is why Social Media has an untouchable place in today’s world.

Furthermore, it facilitates the user to get close with your work. So it is very important to add user engaging elements to your work. If you are hosting a party night at your restaurant, ask the users to pick the theme of the party. Ask them to prioritize the food items they like and hate.

Why do it on your own?

So, why should you do this on your own? Okay. Now let me rephrase the question – why do you like spending more? The very concept of Social Media is to market your goods for free and if you are going to pay for that, you may as well be paying money for your neighbors rent.

Moreover there are some things which will feel alive when you do them yourself. For instance, you cannot hire an actor to marry your fiancé just because he will do it better than you!

If you hire a company to do your social media work, you are just one in hundred clients of him. He will treat you in a way which he does for every other company. But when you do that yourself, you can add a bit of tanginess to your work by adding latest pictures of your place, reviews your users give you on spot and by sharing your upcoming events at your Facebook account. Your readers will feel a bit more close to your place when you yourself update and post the details rather than making some dumbfound company do it.