Social networking – connecting the grid

Social networking has made a global village of the real world

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When Facebook spoke about social networking for the first time, the effect on the masses was pretty much the same as was the first mention of the spherical shape of the earth or the released pictures of Earth from space. Connecting through the World Wide Web as an exciting proposition not only unleashed connections shrinking the real world to a global village, a response that was overwhelming. Today social networking is a way of life. Facebook friends are now crossing the 700-million marker, connecting every region on the planet.

Imagine charting or mapping this and adding onto it the number of Twitter users. All of the more than 300 million Twitter addicts make a grand total of social networking stats rest at a billion in accounts, and the number is growing by the second. Each account has a number of followers and this is how the web connects. Even though only 5,000 can follow you on Facebook, Twitter is limitless and growing. If all these threads are joined, you have the fabric of web life all woven and cut to fit.

The growing services, now joined by Google +, are generating similarly styled thoughts, global consciousness and an awareness towards the digital tribalism throbbing and alive, no matter what people say. This is the social network era and it is here to stay a long, long time. Social networking sites are now products of good networking software. The ingrained strengths like RSS feeds, live chat forums and message boards among a host of other applications make the rostrums very powerful connectors.

Social networking and connectivity management

Upscale social networking applications on any one of these sites offer complete control over features, customization and content. Connectivity management is now on a new high with the versatility of flash profile, picture sharing, music, videos and video chat, instant messenger, endless blogging, gaming and many other upswing trendy connection-centric mediums. Applications on these sites give each one of them a unique physical appearance, attitude and charisma.

Facebook, Google + and Twitter boost social community networking

They can further be themed by users with fonts and colors to suit individual styles and layout designs. People are doing more than connect with contact information over these sites. Facebook, Google + and Twitter among many other social networking platforms allow you to share and generate a ripple of awareness that is overwhelming like in the case of what happened when Japan was struck with disaster and the world response to terrorism. Social community networking will never generate a sense of utopia for the simple reason that it is a way of life today, living, pulsating with life and doing for humankind what no other rostrum could ever do.

It has enabled even the novice to easily breakaway from the setbacks of real time connectivity, to traverse the web in seconds. From personal to more commercial platforms, social networking addresses traditional methods of making friends, marketing, advertising and simply reaching out more in a versatile and wireless arena. The realm is independent of personal restraint and links the human chain more effectively.