SocialCommerce: How BestBuy does it

Social commerce is one of the developing fields of the Internet. Today, people find it difficult and tiring to go out to shop for every single thing. Moreover a physical shop limits the number of options while online shops have endless number of options from which you can choose your most favorable one. This is why E-commerce made a noticeable growth over the past years. Now, Social Commerce has emerged mainly because of people’s addiction to Social Network. The word Social Commerce is a collaboration of Social Networking and E-commerce. So, it basically refers to selling products through the internet.

What is BestBuy?

The word BestBuy must ring a bell to every one of us. BestBuy is the world’s largest chain of shops dedicated to all kinds of products right from electronic gizmos to office supplies. It is located in the United States of America, United Kingdom and is continuing to spread their branches all over the world. They are one of the pioneers of Social Commerce and they are doing it so beautifully.

Recently, BestBuy had launched its marketing campaign on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In Facebook as soon as you add the BestBuy page, you will get two options. The first one is known as Shop + Share and the second one is called Idea Giftr.

Shop and Share

Using the first option, you can search for any product which is available in BestBuy by just searching for that product. When your results are processed, you will get the entire manual of that product in your Facebook page and you can share that with your friends using the Share option. Using that, you can ask your friends for opinion about the product which you wish to buy and if any of your friends own that product, they might reply with their experience.

Idea Giftr – collaboration with friends

The next option is called as Idea Giftr in which you can ask your friends about the gifts which you can give to a particular person. They will be given the option to search based up on the age, sex and likes of the person to which you are gifting. This is quite an innovative option.

Overall, these options are useful to the users who are not quite sure about what they want. But is that all? It really isn’t. This is actually a social marketing technique which is used by BestBuy. You can do all these things at the official BestBuy website then why bring this to Facebook? It is because Facebook is the most used website on this world and everyone wants a piece of it. By entering Facebook, BestBuy are making sure that their name is always on the limelight.  A single ad without any incentives attracted more than a million visitors to BestBuy and that is the effect of Facebook! The Head of Marketing for BestBuy, Tracy Benson admitted their strategy in an interview and commented that they are getting over 25% increased revenue due to their Social Network Marketing campaign.