How to stop Users from installing chrome extensions?

Did you know that on windows operating system, the admin on the pc can easily block users from installing softwares or making random changes to the system? No? Now you do! This saves the computer a great deal. Since multiple people might use a single computer, if everyone started downloading random softwares, the computer would be plagued with viruses in no time and then ultimately be useless.
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For a flawless and smooth user experience, it is better if the computer admin restricts certain rights of the users. This thing can also be done for Google chrome extensions. Google offers a variety of apps that make your life so much more convenient. Extensions are added to your browser to make things more convenient and productive. But too many cooks spoil the dish, and sometimes downloading too many extensions causes chrome to crash. We don’t want that do we? So here is how to block users from downloading Google extensions. These steps are easy to follow and so quick your task will be done in o time.

Steps to block user from installing Chrome extensions

  1. Login to the other user account which needs to be blocked
  2. Open Google Chrome. Type chrome://version/ on the address bar
  3. Note the profile path for the particular user that needs to be blocked. In this example, the profile path is C:\ Users\ unni\ AppData\ Local\ Google\ Chrome\User Data\ Default
  4. Login to administrator user account
  5. Go to the user location profile path location C:\ Users\ unni\ AppData\ Local\ Google\ Chrome\User Data\ Default
  6. Right click on Extension folder
  7. Click Properties > Click Security
  8. Click on the user account that needs to be blocked. Then click Edit
  9. Click Deny under Full control (The check mark automatically gets checked for all other options under deny)
  10. Click Apply. Click OK.

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Follow above mentioned steps to prevents other users from installing any extensions in Google Chrome.

Hope following this method worked for you. Use comment to share your experience and feedback.