How to Switch On and Off Safe Mode of Samsung Galaxy Phones?

The safe mode is a key feature in the Samsung Galaxy phones. Some people think of it as useless but it is actually a very smart and important feature that is present in limited phones only.This is why it is necessary:

Safe mode is a completely different mode of the device where you can easily and safely remove bugs and uninstall applications. When troubleshooting, this mode serves as the best and secure mode.
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For example, if you have installed an application and it has errors while running, you can simply switch to safe mode and uninstall the particular application without messing up your mobile settings or data.

Some users are not aware of this feature and how to turn it on or off. Now that you very well know about the safe mode, I will guide you about operating it on your phone. Keep reading through the quick and easy steps to turn on or off the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

How To ON Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode?

Below are steps, easy steps that can help you Turn On your safe mode for your S4 device. So please kindly follow the steps to the detail. Thanks

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Step 1

Switch Off your Samsung Galaxy completely

Step 2

Power it ON Again

Step 3

while booting continuously keep pressing the left button beside the home button.

Step 4

Continue to press it still the boot is completed and you can see the home screen

And you are done!!

How To Off Samsung Galaxy Safe Mode?

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After you have completed what you wanted to do, just Switch off your phone and let it restart itself and it back to normal.


Now you can easy switch to your Samsung Galaxy Safe mode On and Off easily.