Targeting the non-Adblock aware population

In our previous post we talked about email marketing and its do’s and don’t’s. We are going to carry it further by discussing a few other methods of getting visitors to your site. The one we will discuss in this article is advertising through ad spots.

What is it?

Posting a link to your site anywhere online counts as a form of advertising. But what we will cover specifically in this post is advertising through paid for ad spots on sites or by using advertising services like AdWords. Subjects like email advertising, text links, etc are topics for another day.

Is there a money back guarantee?

“We have spent 10k and 0 (conversions), I dont get it.”

-steaprok on

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Basic human psychology prompts one to ask “is this purchase worth it?” every time just before one is about to pay for something. You will ask the same question when you are about to pay for an ad spot. Evaluating whether you need it and will benefit from it is a difficult task. You have to be nothing short of a professional to profit well from your ads. You need to analyze the traffic on the site if you are going to buy an ad spot directly. You will have to check out your competitors for every keyword if you are going to use advertising services. Even after that, there are high chances of your first few campaigns failing miserably. Don’t be afraid of losing a little money. You will have to use a trial and error method to get ROI.

Is Adwords the best way?

“I have to say that advertising on Facebook works much better for us then advertising with Google Adwords or other PPC systems.”

-Steven Bradley on

Adwords might provide you the most options when it comes to advertising but it is not the only way. If you have the time and determination you might be better off looking for ad spots by yourself on related websites and paying a weekly or monthly fee regardless of the number of impressions. If you aren’t inclined towards this option, but don’t like Adwords either, you can always consider other options like Adbrite, Bidvertiser, etc. Recently, there’s been talk of Facebook advertising giving a higher ROI than Adwords, so that is an option you might want to look into.


“Who could have thought AIDA can go beyond copywriting?”

-Nelson Tad on

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So how does one create a really good ad, considering the space constraints? One option is to use an off-shoot, ADA, of a tried and tested method – AIDA.

  • A: Attention
  • I: Interest
  • D: Desire
  • A: Action

With such a small sales letter than an ad is, there is little requirement or scope of holding or raising someone’s interest. As soon as you have grabbed attention with your headline, immediately arouse a desire to click on your link. This has to be done by extending, rather than explaining, the title of the ad. The final step is to give them something to act upon. For advertises, this step is automatically fulfilled by providing a link to your site.

In our next post, we cover getting visitors through word of mouth, which on the internet means getting visitors from reviews of your product/services and viral marketing.