The Birth of Teletweeting: TV and Twitter Engagement


If you consider some of the more current important advancements in TV viewing, you will probably arrive with a list that contains the DVR or digital video recorder, which serves up straightforward shifting of time with no lossy tape; the HD flat-screen TV, which contains images of high-quality including space-saving and green advantages compared to the hefty old CRT; and widespread cord-cutting, in which viewers discard conventional cable in good turn of programming that is now carried via internet according to the menu.

Now combine that with contextual commentary in real time from millions of your equal viewers sending forth onto the latest devices occupying your desk. Phone, laptop, tablet—these would be your useful screens at hand.

Satisfy your curiosity and try to combine Twitter with live TV and surely you’ll enjoy and get addicted.

Stream of Intelligent and Hilarious Thoughts

TV shows such as news broadcasts, the Grammy’s, or even daily soap operas can stimulate a wild pool of tweets. Viewers are enticed to give their opinions and expressions about trending headlines and it’s really a form of real-time interactive exchange of ideas. Whether it’s hilarious, serious or unusual, Twitter followers can generate multiples of comments per second, all through the entire show or broadcast. There might be negative and childish tweets but some is often smart and entertaining, and in the same manner it brightens the day or inspires the audience while enjoying a social experience.

Tuning into the Discussion

Getting registered is so easy on Twitter. All you need to do is browse the website using your PC or other device and complete the required field: email, name and password. The social site is practically straightforward. The basics of following users, finding friends and browsing categories won’t cause you any stress. You really don’t have to panic if you’re unfamiliar with Twitter; you’ll learn it by exposure.

#Hashtags and Creating Them

Click the tab “#Discover” and key in a #hashtag. What’s hashtag, by the way? It is a common term agreed upon for systematizing tweets on similar subjects. Make use of the title of the TV show you would like to follow—for example, #glee, #americanidol, or #ellen.

In general, grammatical articles such as “the” are applied, it’s not like entering a search word in Google. You can also try entering few variations until you discover the exact hashtag. Right for instance, the daytime self-improvement show of Dr. Drew Pinsky in CW “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” uses #lifechangers while the HLN talk show of Pinsky uses the hashtag #Drdrew. Overlapping tags can also be applied.

How to Stay on Top

To remain on top, just click either of these two functions within Twitter: “Pull Down to refresh” or “Update”. Then view the tweets from TV updated in actual time while the show is going on.

The Power of RT or Retweeting

If you find inspiring or witty tweets, just select “Retweet” in order to share them with your followers. The art of clicking RT is a way to pass the inspired opinion to your friends in case they missed it and if it’s really amusing, you can have a delightful humor from it. Aside from that, you can also put in your comments that include the hashtag and letting those thoughts unloaded into the stream. In any case, your followers can instantly see the comments you sent. The stream is also benefited with those good ideas.

Social Indications

Tweeting while watching television is an effective channel in bringing gossips and news on the next day in actuality. A given search made by a Twitter user can promote politicians, taste-makers, celebrities and more, including their viewpoints and perspectives. TV shows, including news and current affairs, events and debates, can stir up a discussion that can occur directly amongst different people, including colleagues. Plus, network executives like TV producers can rapidly obtain an initiative to draw the interest and judgment of the audience—and create a lively exchange of ideas in real time.