The Most Popular Social Networks 101

As of February 2011, the most popular social network is FaceBook, with over half a billion unique visitors logging in each month. This is by far the most popular website of this kind, but it took a few years until it managed to obtain this position. The second most popular social networking website is Twitter. This platform appeared only a couple of years ago, but it already gathered around 100 million unique visitors per month. The third spot is taken by MySpace, one of the older social networking websites, but it still pulls around 80 million unique visitors each month. If you are a business owner, you have to take a closer look at these websites and figure out how to get maximum exposure through them.

Getting Popular On FaceBook

After you create a regular FaceBook account, you need to start attracting visitors towards your account. The easiest way to get noticed on this social media platform is by getting “Liked”. If a popular person “likes” your page, it will appear on his wall for all of his friends to see. This will attract a few other people and sooner or later you will have thousands of fans depending on the type of business you are running. If you already have a YouTube or Twitter account with many subscribers or followers, you can simply tell them about your FaceBook page and you will instantly gain a few fans. After you already have a few people watching you, but you still want to get more, you should set up a contest with a couple of basic rules: anyone who likes and posts a comment on your FaceBook page will have a chance to win. This is by far the easiest way to attract people, but keep in mind that you will have to provide quality content after the contest is over if you want your fans to stick by your side.

Gaining Followers on Twitter

Twitter is growing rapidly and most business owners who are interested in social networking are already on top of it. Gaining popularity on this platform is a little bit complicated, but it can be done. Once you get familiar with how Twitter works, you can start twitting about trending topics, join certain conversation and use the retweet function every once in a while. You will slowly gain followers, but once you have your fan base, getting a message out there will be easier than you might imagine. Organizing a contest is also a good strategy.

Using MySpace

MySpace is considered a thing of the past by many people, but this platform hasn’t disappeared yet. If your business is related to the music industry, you will find your target audience here, so don’t neglect this website if you want full social media coverage. As with FaceBook and Twitter, you need to focus on providing quality content and getting involved. Sooner or later, people will start paying attention to what you have to say.