The Pros and Cons of jQuery

In the past few years, jQuery has started to gain popularity and it seems that this library is quite useful in multiple situations. At this point, close to half of the most visited websites in the world are using this library in one way or another, so you can be sure that they’re on to something. More and more people are starting to use jQuery every day and this means that you can always search for tips and tricks online and you will definitely find what you need. However, the advantages won’t stop here. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using jQuery.

jQuery – The Upside

One of the biggest advantages of using this library is that you always have access to tutorials and various samples. This means that, if you want to, you never have to start a project from scratch. There are plenty open source files that will allow you to obtain the result you’re looking for without too much work. Plus, you can always find plug-ins and try to improve or personalize them. There are literally thousands of plug-ins online and you can add anything to your website, from a star rating system to a date picker.

jQuery is open source, so you can start using it without paying a cent. This is clearly a huge advantage over the competition, especially considering the fact that this library is easy to use even for beginners. JavaScript can get complicated as soon as you start learning it, but if you slowly pick up jQuery from tutorials, you will be able to write basic commands in no time. The code might be a little complicated in certain situations, but you will have to write a fewer lines than you would in other libraries. Even more, the end result will be compatible in any browser, which is a great advantage.

jQuery is perfect for web designers because creating slideshows, forms or manipulating HTML elements is much easier than in any other library. No matter what you’re trying to do, you will surely save time if you use it.

So, jQuery seems to be pretty useful, but what about the cons?

jQuery – The Downside

Before you can start using jQuery, you need to learn some CSS. This is the easiest way to make the transition and even then, you still need to use other codes for complicated tasks and applications. If you want to create a complex website, jQuery is just part of the solution. Even more, once you’re done, the loading times will increase just a little bit because of the file size.


In the end, jQuery is popular for a reason. It will make your website easier to control and to access through any browser. By using this library, you can create or include complex plug-ins in a matter of minutes. This will make your website easier to use and as long as you have imagination, the possibilities are endless.