There’s more to Youtube than watching videos

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, Youtube is probably the most popular medium for marketing. There are thousands of ebooks available on discussion forums on Youtube marketing, leading to thousands of beginners flocking to the site in the hope of making a penny. But they end up making the same mistakes they make on other social media sites. If you are serious about making anything from your Youtube campaigns, here are a few tips.

Forget spam comments

“Ohhh this is soooo funnnieeee hahahaha. See my video also HERE!” – Typical spam comment on Youtube videos

If your idea of Youtube marketing is to visit hundreds of videos and leave a comment like the one above, you might as well log off and get a job at your local McDonalds. It just doesn’t work. If you think your video is really related to the current video and will serve to enhance its value, add a video response. Do not use the feature if your video is totally unrelated.

Annotations are good, but don’t make people turn them off

People don’t really mind annotations for the most part. What annoys them is when they occupy a good chunk of the display area. If the annotations interfere with their viewing experience, they will turn them off. A good idea is to add them at the beginning and end of videos, before anything interesting has begun. If you keep them in between make sure they are related to the scene that is playing. That way you inform the users rather than distract them. Whatever you do, your annotations shouldn’t last the entire length of the video unless absolutely necessary. Also, keep them short and precise. You don’t need to add too much fluff to your messages in annotations. Lastly, try to make them the transparent sort, which are less irritating than those with a colored background. That way, you can get the most out of your annotations.

Use the ‘More Info’ box well

Make optimum use of the ‘more info’ box. If you have a link, try to keep it at the beginning, so that users see it even without expanding the box. Add relevant information in the box and do not make it look spammy. If you have added a music video, adding lyrics in the box is a good way to keep readers on that screen instead of heading off to a lyrics site. Giving users additional information makes them like you!

Don’t lie to users in your videos

If yours is a straightforward marketing video, make it informational rather than a sales pitch. Provide users with statistics rather than exaggerated claims. Above all, make it look professional. Get some real faces in there rather than simply text and images. Get some video reviews and combine them with your video. Users are more likely to be impressed by a well made video with visual effects and real people. And with the amount of competition on Youtube these days, you can’t afford to upload anything by the best.

These simple tips should help you leave amateur Youtube marketers eating your dust. As a final note, remember to make your video light hearted and, if possible, funny. Give users a reason to share the video with their friends.