Tired of text tweets? Instead send Audio-Tweets!

Those who use twitter frequently must be aware of the text tweets. Do you sometimes feel bored to send text tweets? You now have the option of sending audio tweets instead. There are many ways to send an Audio Tweet to your Twitter followers. Let’s discuss some of them. All these services have 3 common things: they are completely free, they don’t need a phone and they are very easy to use.

Chir.ps – transmit your voice easily

Chir.ps is a very simple way to transmit your voice on Twitter to your Twitter followers. After registering with OAuth, you just need to enter your name to your personalized page on Chir.ps before going to record things. Its on-screen recording is very simple. You can foretaste your recording and after finalizing it, you can add text and tweet it. Though the audio quality is decent, it does not seem great like other services available. This site does provide listen count; therefore you can observe how many people hit play.

AudioBoo – iPhone and Android app available

AudioBoo provides Android and iPhone app as well as online service. Once you’ve registered with OAuth and selected your username, online recording starts in a pop window. It also gives you choice to upload common audio file. If you record through this site, you can talk or groan or sing, or whatever you desire to do for 5 minutes. Once you’re pleased, provide recording a title and then AudioBoo will save it into “Your Boos” section in the site. The sound quality of AudioBoo’s is good, although no way you can see how many people listened to your broadcast.

Twaud.io – uploading files is possible

Twaud.io is one more service which lets you record online as well as uploads files. Recording online is very easy. Just register with OAuth, permit use of microphone and you have 30 minutes of record time, with nearly pod cast length. Just press the record button, press it again for stopping it and then hit play button to review whatever you’ve uttered. Once you have completed everything, there’s a box in which you can enter max of 100 text characters. Then press “Twaudio it!” button and guess what, you’re done! The sound quality is very good as well.

Chirbit – very easy to use

Chirbit doesn’t provide OAuth sign-in because it’s not intended solely for micro-blogging service, although setting up the account is a pain-free process. Once you’re logged in, you can make use of services to record max of 2 minutes audio, if you’ve given suitable permission by hitting onscreen buttons. After you’ve snooped and determined what you hear to be final, you can provide a title to your clip and add it to a category. The evasion category is “Chirbit” and any informal users interested in infrequently using it as social tool need not worry regarding others like “audiobook,” “joke,” and “pickup line”. They are designed to assist Chirbit community and finding content more effortlessly.

ShoutoMatic – celebrities will record your messages

Offering paid-for service in which “celebrities” will record message for you for tweeting, ShoutoMatic also provides free service too and permits you to record your individual tweets. On simple interface you are required to press the record, review and then save clip. If you have a Facebook account, it will ask you for posting but if you are not careful, you may miss out this bit.

Other than these mentioned above, if you’re situated in United States, Pockets permits you sending targeted voicemail to personal Twitter user.