To err is human

hi all-

My name is Warren Cardinal. I am a web developer in Austin Texas.

err… I just bought the site from Karthik (he is 17, btw – for those of you who asked).

Wow! this site has alot of bad press 😉

I will do my best to delete or credit any plagarized posts. If you are the original writer of any (or know who is) please lemme know or comment on this post.

This is my first real foray into the world of blogging. I run a web design studio, pretty much night-and-day and haven’t had much time to get started. So, I thought beginning with a site in progress would be a good kick in the ass to start recording some things I have found and some things I am doing.

I am also new to WordPress, which powers this site. I met Matt, the genius behind WordPress at a conference in Austin a while back. Since then, I have wanted to try it out… but I just haven’t found the time.

Over at Lucid Crew, we are in the midst of developing a CMS that will run hundreds of sites from one install/one database. It’s not a blogging platform (though u can blog with it) – but a full-featured css-xhtml CMS that wil have custom features for everything from real estate sites to yoga studios. I am thinking of rolling it out as a hosted solution for other designers… details to come soon.