Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Blog

Well Blogging is fast catching up in the world of Internet today and almost everyone now has a Blog. Technorati is currently tracking over 52 million blogs and more than 100 million people use the Internet. So that’s about 50% of Internet users, now have a blog of their own. Right here I present some reasons on why should you take up Blogging..

1) Blogging is really easy

Well getting started with a blog is really very easy and services like and Blogger offer a great platform for blogging. WordPress is highly recommended for bloggers.

2) Get Attention

If you can write something of good quality and have some knowledge of a subject people will definitely read your blog. So if you want to become famous then Blogging is for you.

3) Make New Connections

If you are a blogger you can get in touch with a wide range of people who not only give you publicity but also give you a lot of information that helps you publish quality content.

4) Makes Life Interesting

A Blogger has a very interesting life and getting always updated on a particular subject helps a lot and it also makes you more intelligent.

5) Makes you Socialize

Very Often I see that Bloggers socialize really well within their community. If you have an army of people who comment your stuff then you also realize the importance of Social Mannerisms (e-Mannerism let me say)

6) Make Some Money

If your blog draws a decent amount of traffic you can make money with programs like Google Adsense and Text Link Ads.. I don’t recommend creating Blogs just for the sake of Money

7) Become Famous

A Well known Blog’s author is always highly respected and he is given all the status that the CEO of Microsoft enjoys. In Short You Become Famous.

8) Express Yourself

I know many bloggers who publish personal stuff unlike me. This helps because you can get help for all your problems simply because people are always willing to help.

9) Unbiased Attention

Well you get unbiased attention in the case of Blogs unlike social networks like Myspace and Orkut. Out there it is the beautiful girls and handsome guys who get all the attention.

10) Be yourself

Never in the history in the Internet have you had so much of freedom. So just be yourself and write what you feel like writing simply because there are millions who might like what you like..

Now that you are armed with the reasons on why you should blog, I suggest you get a blog if you don’t have one and please drop me a line if you got even a bit inspired by this article. Head over to or Blogger for a free blog that you can have up and running in a few minutes from now or head over to for the best Blogging tool ever. And what’s more WordPress doesn’t cost a penny.