Top 5 politicians using social media and its impact on politics

The social media has huge impact on politics today. There have been numerous tools available which have been incorporated into the politics. Through audio and video to mobile integration, politicians are capable of reaching people instantly. Just imagine, merely 10 years ago, associations were using telephone and mailers which took so much time. Let’s go through about how some social media tools are being used for promoting political community.

Impact of Social media on Politics

The social media has huge impact on today’s politics especially, in democratic countries. With so much ‘buzzing’ around social media the other important reason is that there are many youngsters joining the politics today and they know the importance of social media extremely well. And today, even older politicians are using social media actively.

Everybody has now recognized this new and influential medium to interact with the people and make them take part in the 2-way communication. Today, generally most of the politicians have their own website which wasn’t the case few years back. Some of them are using social mediums very well to relate with people.

We can detect that social media helps in increasing immediate interaction with everybody. No one needs to get appointment and wait for the meeting for so long; we can talk very easily to them by just clicking one button of the mouse. No doubt it will get more and more popularity as the time goes.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the social media sources:

Facebook – leading social media platform

There was a time when people were saying that placing matters on Facebook wasn’t optimistic. Actually, some politicians didn’t resemble a place which wasn’t mediated. But now the picture is completely different. There are many groups available 24/7 and people are also taking it more freely.

Twitter – micro blogging platform

The success of this micro logging site came through 3rd party apps. Now, people have their own news stream and they also create messages through hash tags (#). It’s very important because it links the content by other tags which have interrelated content. It’s unique for Twitter. Hash tags are an excellent technique to observe exclusive discussions, along with dissimilar views.

YouTube – video sharing

YouTube and other video sharing sites provide the videos of politicians who answer the questions publicly as a reference. So if anyone says something, it stays on internet forever.

Here is the list of Top 5 politicians who use social media to great effect:

Barak Obama – FaceBook

After successfully making use of different social media tools, US President Barak Obama continues to update his Facebook account at least a week with notes and videos regarding what he or his administration is going to do.

Sarah Palin – Twitter

Current Alaska Governor Sarah Palin uses Twitter. Palin’s Twitter page is handled by PR people. Recent notes are centered on defensive issues as well as clarifying information regarding ethics charges of Legal Defense Fund she is facing.

Michelle Obama – FaceBook

Although she’s not a total politician but Michelle Obama has used the FaceBook a lot during her husband’s Presidential campaign (although she hasn’t posted anything since October 2008).

Joe Biden – FaceBook

Joe Biden, the U.S. Vice President had used Facebook during his Presidential campaign but there are no posts since August 2008.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – FaceBook

Arnold Schwarzenegger frequently updates his FaceBook account after being the Governor. Fans have also posted ample old body building photos of him.